In this Optic, we want to see GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360

Graphical lookout on GTA 5: Some amazing modding screenshots shows stunning graphics.

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stonecold32920d ago

i prefer it it would be an exclusive to the ps3 i hope sony and rockstar make same sort of agreeement at e3 2011 peace out

NewMonday2920d ago

I'd rather have Agent. I'm more interested in non-GTA sandbox games right now.

Masterchef20072920d ago

Agent will be a james bond style sandbox game

norman292920d ago

If its anything like GTA4 then i couldnt give a feck where it goes, but im sure Microsoft have a spare $50mill or 2 lying around the office just incase

Dee_912920d ago

i cant wait for next gta

MariaHelFutura2920d ago

Agent is GTA V, IMO.

Kaveti6616 had an interesting theory.

AGENT = GTAEN (E is the 5th letter in the alphabet and N could be where it takes place)

sdtarm2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

No, o well yes

GTA - EN - ENgland :P


E-5 letter

hassi942920d ago

Are you retarded? Stop it with the ridiculous theories.

Marceles2920d ago

lol @ Hassi, yeah sorry Maria...but that GTAEN theory is reaching way too much

MmaFanQc2920d ago

what a shit load of shit, i put my tinfoil hat and im out of this ridiculous place

MariaHelFutura2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Tin foil hats are awesome, in 2027 you will have no choice but to wear one. I just thought it was a cool theory, considering Agent contains GTA in it. Sorry, I forgot thinking about things from different perspectives is crazy.

@ hassi94

Yes, I`m retarded. Sorry to offend you.

MariaHelFutura2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Turtles are overrated. Butterflies are underrated.

bananlol2920d ago

When i was a kid i used to have turtles, one of em bit me. Hurt like hell and i had to get a salmonella shot.


I think this just prove we can see whatever we want where ever we want. LOL

Ultraplayerxd2920d ago

You have to admit though, the letters just seem to fall nicely into place. I mean, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Agent was GTA 5 cause I've been thinking the same thing ever since they announced Agent was being developed by R* north.

CrzyFooL2920d ago

conspiracy nut is conspiracy!!

AKA2919d ago

the rumor was "gta somalia" bu m$ paid r* and they change it to Nigeria lol

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Bass_fisherman2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Not everyone as a PS3.

I do but that´s not being fair.

Isnt 'Agent' enough for you?

karl2920d ago

well.. its not about us

im sure rockstar would like to make at least one game that doesnt need to be held back all the time...

they already made one GTA, xbox has it.. now go for the real deal...

it would be disappointing to keep making the same game over and over again...

TheGameFoxJTV2920d ago

Karl, if they wanted no limit they'd make a PC exclusive. Not a PS3 one. Stop trolling.

karl2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )


pc games are not attach graphically to consoles

we all have seen pc games looking the best out of the 3 versions each time..

so whats the real limitation? i would say space...

edit: u know.. i dont even know why im trying .. this game was crap.. i still remember how i havent finished it..

writersblock2919d ago


As much as I'd love a PS3 exclusive, The GameFox just won that argument

go ahead, disagree

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SuperLupe2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

No chance it will ever be PS3 exclusive. Like RDR it even sold more on the 360.

Bnet3432919d ago

lol I was going to say the same thing. Why would R* make it a PS3 exclusive when GTA IV and RDR sold more on the Xbox 360. Unless they wanted to lose money.

ECM0NEY2919d ago


Bubbs for spelling lose right.

writersblock2919d ago

Its like grade 2 all over again

NetworkSony2919d ago

but gta4 was going to be a exclusive but Microsoft paid rock star off so it would be on 360

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LunaticBrandon2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

GTA IV is 1000x better on the PC. 32 player online, better default character skins, better visuals, mods.

Rockstar need to use two discs on the 360 version and force an install on the second disc and dumb down the visuals. PC is obviously not hold back the PS3.

Pootangpie2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Oh I get it I can play that game too lunatic if GTA5 would look much better if it was a PS3 exclusive then how come the 360 version of GTA4 and RDR look so much better on 360 seriously ungrateful sony ****ers don't deserve this game let alone deserve any games

Ficitional conspricys like a game being gimped because of 360 or vice versa is retarded assumption I'm sick of explaining it

I also find it amusing that you guys hype agent so much espically the fact you haven't screenshots,artwork or know anything about what the game will be about

jessupj2919d ago

I haven't seen anyone hyping up agent, we don't know anything about the game.

But I honestly believe gta4 could have been so much better if it were made a PS3 exclusive. We heard first hand from rockstar that they were pulling their hair out trying to fit the game on one dvd9 (after MS has put all their security).

jwk942919d ago

They looked better because ps3 versions get ports, except for ME2 and 3.

r1sh122920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

ps3 gta exclusive will never happen.
Main reasons

They would lose more than half the money they would generate,
the xbox version sold more,
xbox has had more players on most multi plat games.
THe only gmaes that will be exclusive are the first party dev's, and some games which are already single plat - should they continue the series.
Even dan houser (or whatever his name is said) they dont want to keep GTA single plat.

@above (lunatic brandon) - no one really cares about 2 discs, if they put the single player on 1 disc and the multiplayer on disc 2.
PC sales for GTA were tiny compared to each of the consoles.
To have a good gaming computer costs twice the amount of owning a console (at least).
Sorry but the reason why PC gaming will never be number 1 is purely down to price.
I would rather play on a 52inch TV than a 21 inch monitor.
As far as I am aware the PC version of most games are still on DVD, so would PC not also have multi DVD's?
Unless they release pc games on Blu ray but that has not happened yet.

LunaticBrandon2920d ago

Three 30 inch monitors is much better than your 52 in TV playing 720p games.

r1sh122920d ago

Wow 3 30 inch monitors..
Thats my point, I tell what, you do that with your PC and let me know of the cost.

MY xbox 360 Slim 250gb, My ps3 slim 250gb and my TV together cost me like £1000.

3 30 inch monitors alone will cost way more, then add the price of the gaming PC.

In conclusion you get 1 platform and limited games.
I have 2 major platforms and get more games than you.
SInce I am a gamer I guess I win since I will have multiple releases and you will have only major multiplat releases.
Hey let me know how good Killzone2/3 or GT5 or Gears of war 3, Halo 3, Reach are on your PC?

Cogan12920d ago

Just because the games has more sales on the 360 doesnt mean much to Rockstar, they make more of each ps3 sale than 360 because M$ being greed basterds have a set charge from each game. Sony and nintendo dont cost as much.

kramun2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Or how about owning a pc AND consoles? Then I must be getting more games than you r1sh12. I guess I win.

ECM0NEY2919d ago


Link or it doesnt happen

r1sh122919d ago

I have a PC which is capable of PC gaming (its a cople of years old), but I like the online dynamic on the ps3 and xbox compared with the PC.
I think Ive said it a few times, but I would rather play on a 52inch tv compared to a 21inch monitor.
I even prefer a controller over a mouse n keyboard.

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Dark-Cloud42920d ago

i heared sony replace la.noir exclusive for 2 ps3 exclusives , right ? .. i dunno , that's what i heared so maybe agent and gta v turn exclusive ? ..

gta v will be amazing even if it's not exclusive to the ps3 , rockstar is making it , right ?. so it's going to be amazing :P ..

hassi942920d ago

Completely rumours and speculation that they 'swapped' exclusivity. Exclusivity of LA Noir was never announced, just considered as it was first announced to be on PS3 but they never said it would be exclusive to it.

NetworkSony2919d ago

well we know one is agent and we don't know about the other game they have cooking up

etownone2920d ago

Why would it be exclusive on the PS3 if the game was not only technically superior on the 360 but it also sold more?

But hey.... keep wishing kid.

KotC2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Uh... yeah... I'm sure Rockstar will go PS3 exclusive and just dump half of it's GTA fans. You and the other PS3 trolls agreeing with you make no logical sense what so ever. Please don't tell me you guys are still pissed and hurt over Sony losing exclusivity and MS buying exclusive content for over a year. If I'm not mistaken PC and Xbox owners had to wait for GTA last gen, so don't get all pissy because those days are over. You guys should be happy you got Agent, if it ever sees the light of day that is LOL it could go multiplat.

Vherostar2920d ago

There wont be a GTA V next it will be a spin off like Vice City or San Andreas. With probably the same graphics engine.

sofocado2920d ago

I prefer it to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. I hope MS this time what ever deal they do with rockstar make it permanent.

blumatt2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Pipedream...that is all.

showtimefolks2919d ago

agent is the real next GTA games because RS:N work on gta series and guess what they are working onn agent so we will not see gta5 for atleast 2-3 years

and from everything RS have said they want to make less of gta and make their otehr franchises better

how about a gta 3,vc,sa HD-remastered

blumatt2919d ago

"how about a gta 3,vc,sa HD-remastered"
... on one blu-ray disc with trophies, exclusive to PS3.
Ok, now it's fixed. :)

Armyntt2919d ago

Exclusives are going the way of the dinosaur when it comes to third parties. Too much money in dev costs and besides what company wants to only sell to one demographic.

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nickjkl2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

gta 5 will be next gen gta whatever it will be called is come up this gen maybe

nickjkl2919d ago

who ever disagreed doesnt know anything about video games

trainsinrdr2920d ago

if they remake san andreas with hd graphics and multiplayer im happy

Checkmate2920d ago

i hope it only comes out on ps3 and pc so it's it doesnt have to be dumbed down for the box version.

BlmThug2920d ago

Sony Aint Rich Enough To Buy Gta Series Because MS Can Counter It Anytime

NetworkSony2919d ago

they both have enough money but Sony wouldn't care about buying it because they know they don't need that much confidence they know they are good were they stand Microsoft idk about them they will try anything to keep up in sells and to make money

ct032920d ago

Last I checked, GTA4 performed better on 360 than PS3. So what's with this "dumbed down for the box" business?

irepbtown2920d ago

Could be true but
GTA IV was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive.
I dont know what happen but then they announced it would be multiplat, and so reduced the game to what it is now.

The rumors i heard around that time is that the story was reduced by around half of what it was supposed to be + Map got alot smaller.

That's all i know.

Masterchef20072920d ago

Agent will look better than the 360 version of GTA4 and thats due to it being coded exclusively for the PS3. You can get better results out of the PS3 but it takes more money and time to do so.

NetworkSony2919d ago

when they make the game multiplat they half to match both consoles needs so it makes it a lot easier to develop on the 360 then ps3 because it uses a cell processor which is more powerful than what the 360 uses so they just port the 360 version to the ps3 they do that with most games because it saves money and time but it makes the ported version worse then the original version im pretty sure you know what ports are so i don't need to explain and further but if it is made for the ps3 exclusively it can do more since ps3 is more powerful because it has a better engine a (cpu) unlike the 360 that's why it gets downgraded and the ps3 has more disk space since its use bluray unlike the 360 which uses a dvd drive like the past gen ps2,xbox,gamecube and so on.I really enjoy both ps3 and 360 imo i think ps3 is better i just like it more but the 360 is a great console just not as powerful and i like high in technology best of the best so....

poopface12920d ago


punkpop1012919d ago

PS3 fanboys made crazy for sure.

irepbtown2918d ago


Have you never played Uncharted? God of War? Metal Gear solid?

Just saying.

S25802920d ago

i don't think we will see gta 5 for a while. they normally give them a new number with a new engine. so probably a gta vice city kinda job