Killzone 3, images and video from the Preview Code Remarkable!

A little less than two months from the Killzone 3 release in the stores, we publish images and video from the preview release Code

This version was released by Guerrilla Games only a small number of editors in order to test the game and say their thoughts.

In addition to the highly polished graphics engine is capable of showing detailed many polygons on the screen together with many visual effects, there is greater involvement with the story, even more than in the previous chapter. The cut scenes in the director suggests the disposition to view in 3D stereostopic, to be enjoyed to the fullest.

The co-op online or split-screen on the same console is this for the entire campaign.

Here's the gameplay video (watch it spoiler) and a huge gallery of screenshots:

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Chapulin2593d ago

Looks awesome. Spoiler alert!!!

beavis4play2592d ago

badass with a whole bunch of EPIC thrown in.

SnakeMustDie2593d ago

The graphics definitely has improved over the beta.

N4GAddict2593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

And the bet already looked awesome to begin with

awesomeperson2593d ago

Wasn't in the beta... And generally things look a lot better on a fullscreen in HD than on my computer.

HOTA9X2593d ago

Stop teasing dammit, i cant take it, Im gonna go,,,,,

awesomeperson2593d ago

Once again Killzone looks like itl difficult another very hard but satisfying campaign.

Masterchef20072593d ago

Killzone looks pretty good. Has got to be the best console FPS that i have seen to date. Much better than Killzone 2, Halo Reach, Call of duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor, MAG etc just to name a few

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The story is too old to be commented.