Bad Company 2 Vietnam Guide Has Weapons, Vehicles, And Stats Oh My

BattleStrats is launching a Bad Company 2 Vietnam Free Strategy Guide for the community. While it's just getting started, already there is great info for fans of the series.

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xxxAnubisxxx2866d ago

Very cool guide. Full of great info.... can't wait til it gets even stuff in it.


yarbie10002866d ago

Just added a news tab so that players can keep up with their favorite news events coming in from the developers

DBLDeathDealer2866d ago

I can not wait for this game to come out.

yarbie10002866d ago

he's referring to consoles

DBLDeathDealer2866d ago

On EA yes, but for XBOX not till the 21st Dec. Only a couple more days

xxxAnubisxxx2866d ago

Yeah, looking forward to getting my hands on it next week for Xbox. Hearing good things from PC players

DTMBSquid2866d ago

For real deal daddy till

yarbie10002866d ago

Frequently Asked Questions added

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