NextGN: Sony Accept Apology For Killzone 3 Leak

NextGN writes: "I hardly doubt my feeble and few words was what convinced them to overlook this colossal screw-up. Perhaps Sony Computer Entertainment are just feeling the Holiday cheer. Whatever the reason is, they certainly proved that even the biggest corporations on this planet have a soul – except for Microsoft! (Just kidding!)"

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dkblackhawk502917d ago

Sony has a soul, Microsoft is the devil *FLAME SHIELD ON*

Wenis2917d ago

I think you're a bit confused about the concept of flaming

Troll_Police2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Yeah, that's not flaming, that's the truth!

blitz06232917d ago

Another one of those reasons Sony is one of the most respected companies and Microsoft one of the most despised

pixelsword2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Microsoft has tons of cool people in it, but Japanese-based corporations and American-based ones go by different rules I believe.

If I'm not mistaken, It's basically against the law for corporations in America to not do everything possible (even lie, defraud, murder [if applicable]) to make money for their investors. That's why that same CEO can go to jail for stealing from them, but that same CEO killing millions with (for example) tobacco won't go to jail as long as he's lying and giving false evidence in the name of the company. If he's caught then, the corporation pays in a settlement.

NewMonday2917d ago

All major corporations are bad, MS are just so evil that they make others look good.

el zorro2917d ago

Wow, a lot of delusional people here. Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo...none of them are evil. They have all made some mistakes, but they have also all done some really great things.

Some of you don't seem to understand the fundamental concept behind free markets. Free being the key word. You are free to buy what you want. Nobody is holding a gun to your head. The only reason any of these companies is even here is because we CHOOSE to buy their products.

NewMonday2917d ago

Evil because major corporations don’t play fair and use lawyers to stretch the law in their favor, mislead the public, take advantage of their employees, seek to stop completion, hide information from their investors, and use behind the scenes pressure on lawmakers.

And this is just scratching the surface.

Washington-Capitals2917d ago

@El Zorro comment, the more educated you people get the more you will understand what "free market" is. But obviously the majority of people here are underaged or just plain fanboys and if you say anything negative about sony, they will disagree.

Facts are facts, sony microsoft and nintendo are all multinational corporations. They arent as bad as some like exxon mobile or General electric, who not only are out for the money but to destroy the environment but they are not "good" companies" by any means. There number one task is to make a profit nothing else.

Anyways this is pointless trying to educate, do you research and then talk about which companies are evil.

Bebedora2916d ago

@el zorro. Since there is a tendency to make cloak and dagger statements, you just make people look bad.

C0nT4c7s2916d ago

I don't understand how you guys can say Microsoft is "evil". I mean Microsoft's past action are despicable, yes, but not evil. There are a lot more "eviler" company, like tobacco's company or Monsanto to name a few.

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deadreckoning6662917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Did anyone consider the fact that Sony leaked this on purpose and the whole NextGN fiasco was staged?? Just curious. If NextGN DID screw up(like they say they did) why would they announce it to everyone? All there accomplishing is making THEMSELVES look stupid.

"Sony has a soul, Microsoft is the devil *FLAME SHIELD ON*'

Computer Entertainment companies don't have souls, because they aren't human...they're companies. Food for thought.

@FILTHEY ESKIMO- Mm..well thank you for taking the time to clear that up. But I don't understand why you would create this article and let everyone know that you guys messed up? Not too good for your image. Did Sony make you tell everyone that you made a mistake in leaking the footage?

EDIT: I understand if you can't answer that last question. No worries.

EDIT #2- Oh, well thats good to hear.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I assure you that this was not leaked on purpose. I went through two weeks of hell after the leak. You honestly think Sony would leak crappy quality footage through a small site like ours? Don't get me wrong. I love our site but I think Sony would definitely choose more popular medium to distribute this footage, and in better quality. :)


No. Because we felt utterly stupid for leaking to begin with. We made a mistake that could have cost us our careers. Sometimes its good to let the ego go and eat a little bit of humble pie - especially in cases like this.

I am not too concerned of what people may think of me after this as long as I get to keep doing what I love doing, and that is writing. :)



Oh, Sony does care. They spend a lot of time and money organizing spectacular PR campaigns.

Well, what exactly is a blog without unique hits? A diary. Of course we want hits. :P But this is still news, and good news for us. :)

-Alpha2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Humans probably don't have souls either ;)

I doubt they staged it, I just don't think Sony really cares. Neither do I. Oh no, leaked footage! I just enjoyed it and moved on.

I do know that this website is enjoying the melodrama because the articles on the leak, the mistake of leaking it, and now this article talking about them being forgiven are all garnering the site some unique attention.


I didn't say it was a bad thing, but I'm sure you are loving the unique attention to your site ;) Nothing wrong with that

I'm sure they can still spend PR campaigns, I just don't see that big of a deal in the leak. Unless it was a major spoiler, the ending, or something like that I don't see the big deal

ReservoirDog3162917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I'll say this much though. I remember (don't have a source but I'll check after) after E3, there was an interview with David Jaffe and he said he went to sony and told them that so many of sony's E3 announcements are always leaked and he told them he wanted Twisted Metal to actually be a secret.

His wording just stuck with me. Like if they kinda plan leaks and stuff. Or maybe I just read it wrong. Looking for source now...


"And they used to be about surprises. And it used to be you'd come and you didn't know what you were going to find on the show floor and that was a big part of the fun and you walk from booth to booth and you just discover stuff.


And the last, I don't know, four or five years everything gets either announced or leaked before and I was just like ... Sony called about four months ago and said, "Let's make Twisted a surprise and let's close the show with it." I was like, "Hell yeah! Let's do that." But it kind of necessitated being kind of sneaky about it. To me giving fans an actual genuine E3 surprise was more valuable to me than sort of being totally honest when people ask me questions."

Just sounds like they plan their leaks to me. I don't know. Would make sense. But whatever, leaks are kinda fun. Still remember right before I went to sleep the day they found the first picture of the PS3 Slim.

barom2917d ago


Leaks are rarely intentional. But look, he basically lied to the press and media and basically said Twisted Metal was not going to be at E3. That's why he did the explanation. Up until the point of his twitter message denying TM at E3, TW was pretty much expected by everyone to make an appearance, so in truth the speculation could be considered a leak to begin with.

playnation2917d ago

yeah go and cry to mommy

ReservoirDog3162917d ago

Yeah I know. Just reading that made me think that.

+bubbles for being decent about disagreeing.

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Arup022917d ago

Beware of microsoft, Mr Bill is a dangerous one...

Parapraxis2917d ago

Gates is actually a pretty great guy.
Him and his wife do a ton of humanitarian work and are giving away a lot of their earnings.

chainer30002917d ago

@Parapraxis, agreed, however Microsoft certainly does not = Bill Gates. I don't think he would even agree with a lot of the practices going on in the Gaming division of Microsoft (the massive amount of console failures is/was absurd. I went through 1 first gen, then the wave before the elite was announced. Both RROD before the free fix was available. Then I got an Elite, and it started shooting disks out of the tray across the room sporadically - I will admit, that was entertaining at least).

In fact, every year Microsoft is less and less Bill Gates. I doubt upper level high end decisions even include him at this point - but I have no source for that, so feel free to correct me.

zag2917d ago

Well you do know that Bill gates doesn't work at MS anymore he left about 6+ years ago.

muzzy2917d ago

@parapraxis: This reminds me of mafia bosses being "well respected citizens" and having a lot of public trust.

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DaBadGuy2917d ago

Flame shield on.....the flip is this?.....this isn't Dungeons and Dragons mother flipper, this is N4G, you can be flamed for saying you like to drink water.

And Bobby Kotick is the devil not MS, though they are cheaper than a dollar store action figure.

Super Rangers, pfft.

That's a goddamn Power Ranger and everyone knows it.

TreMillz2917d ago

um exactly wat happened with these guys and sony?

CrzyFooL2917d ago

They put out some KZ 3 footage they took at a press event even though there is an embargo up and Sony got mad because they were not supposed to. They then made a big deal about apologizing for it and are now making a big deal about Sony accepting that apology.

The End.

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LordMarius2917d ago

Thats what happens when you get too excited especially for a level that looks boring and uninspiring. Dont leak abide with the embargo

visualb2917d ago

"excited especially for a level that looks boring and uninspiring. "

yet you have a KZ3 avatar...oh I see...*ignore*

troll harder

LordMarius2917d ago

I have a KZ3 avatar becuase I like Killzone... so sue me if I didnt think that level with the mech was the end all be all of shooters, or cry moar that I dont like something you do

jack_burt0n2917d ago

prob because u generated the biggest buzz and heat not just because it was early but because it was genuine excitement.

unlike the other crap humdrum worthless previews imo.

BrownRanger2917d ago

It seemed like a preview of a preview to me. It was up for like a day before it was taken down. Glad that I saw it though. I am going to avoid the actual reveal and just wait for the game now. :)

KillerCucumber2917d ago

I loved the leak. Though the footage was captured on a iPhone it still looked amazing - and I didn't have to watch a tonne of crappy adverts first. Thank, man.

LittleBigHalo2917d ago

Great news, guys. I would absolutely hate for you to be black-listed. I know you broke the rules but every body deserves a second chance. You apologized which was very proper of you, too. Love your site. Keep up the great work, Nextgn.

Kitchen_Sink2917d ago

Agreed. Good news. Congrats, guys.

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