New Super Street Fighter IV Costume Images Leaked

DamnLag - "Some new photos are making their rounds on the internet showing off some new Super Street Fighter IV costumes which, I can only assume will be part of the Arcade Edition (at least initially). Hit the jump to gawk at a Sagat with hair."

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giantchicken2836d ago

Even though I hate him, I'm really digging the Robo-Seth.

MechaZain2836d ago

Blanka looks like a Troll

SkyCrawler2836d ago

When didnt he?....Lol Blanka=<3

SupahJ2836d ago

Sagat with hair is just... weird. But props to Capcom for making this kick-back to Sagat's past (some old art book had a picture of a younger Sagat that looked like this new costume).

boogeyman9992836d ago

Sagat with hair is...wrong on many levels

Gambit072836d ago

Seriously! WTF is wrong with Capcom!

Arup022836d ago

Have you noticed how many things are leaking these days?

Kakihara2836d ago

Relax, it's all part of getting older.

Arup022835d ago

Hahahaha you made me laugh here xD

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