Will Killzone 3 Be Able to Offer the Ultimate Gaming Experience?

With Killzone 3 coming out on February 22, 2011 there’s no doubt that Sony is pushing the shit out of this. Everything from promoting it at every trade show event to making Jimmy “The Noob” Fallon scream like a girl, this game is absolutely gonna rock!

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VersusEM2739d ago

too me the online looks like a combination of Call of Duty:Modern Warfare and Battlefield:Bad Company 2, which is really cool, CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME.

-Alpha2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I don't like the new direction the MP much but I am very excited for Single player & co-op.

Hoping to make a final judgment after I hear more details on MP features and to see how many maps, new modes, guns, etc. are offered in the final version.

Hoping that they also add features like theater mode, split-screen MP, co-op online, some news on clan matches, etc. They've strangely dodged the question of co-op online and I'm thinking it is because they either don't have it or don't want to reveal it just yet.

RememberThe3572739d ago

I've been concerned ever since you gave your take on the multiplayer. You seemed to have some serious issues with it and it's balance. I know it was just a beta, and ever since that Medal of Honor beta I've realized that you have to hold judgment. Hopefully GG is listening to the community and will make the necessary changes. I couldn't be looking forward to this game more and I want it to be perfect.

-Alpha2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I feel that K3 is taking the same route R2 did with its MP.

I strongly disliked the changes in the core mechanics. Health is too low, teamwork, by default, isn't set up correctly (the way you create squads now is much harder unless you go into a game with friends, and I feel that the classes don't seem to contribute to team mechanics as much. They all feel more individualistic compared to something like BC2-- more like classes with personal "perks" as opposed to classes that contribute to the team. The tactitian is the only exception but again, his role has been reduced with the new spawn system).

For example, medics are still useless except to save your KDR. In BC2 they are crucial towards your tickets. Wish GG did something like that. The only time medics every play a role is assassination.

The new spawn system is terribly flawed, and the maps I've played still manage to feel claustrophobic despite having huge unused room.

I don't like the MP much at all, but I'm hearing GG has been working on a lot of what I (and many others) have been complaining about.

I think I'll just enjoy the SP and co-op, but I'll see about MP. I know a lot of others feel the same way about the MP, it just feels off to me

CombineElite2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Please oh Please let some miracle happen and GG makes a Killzone 2 and 3 PC version. I know it won't happen but I can hope.

Seriously i may have to buy only 1 video card instead of two as I may be forced to buy a PS3 for KZ3 and get the second card later because I'm really hyped up for it.

I'm not concerned with the MP, if it's good I'll play it if not I got Bad Company 2 PC, I'm just eager for the SP experience. KZ3 is too good to pass up no matter what system you got.

deadreckoning6662739d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I agree with Alpha on this one, I don't give a shit about KZ3s MP either. Bad Company 2 has my MP needs covered. I liked KZ3s beta, but its not taking me away from Battlefield. Single player campaign is where I think Killzone 3 will truly shine. Can't wait to get it once the price drops.

"I think I'll just enjoy the SP and co-op, but I'll see about MP. I know a lot of others feel the same way about the MP, it just feels off to me."

There are tons of people who feel the same way on the Killzone forums...unlike the cheerleaders on N4G who live in the delusion that everything Sony supports is 100% flawless. Good thing these people spend more time bickering about which console is better than giving their advice to devs.

If it were up to fanboys, firmware updates on the PS3 wouldn't exist because according to Sony loyalists, the PS3 is "perfect" at the moment. Only on N4G will people bash you for saying that you want the PS3 to have MORE features lol.

In another thread, I said it would be nice if I could access the PS Store while in game...and some dude blew a gasket simply because I want IMPROVEMENTS to the PS3 lmao.

ABizzel12739d ago

I know Killzone 3 will be great, but the ultimate gaming experience is a strong phrase to use for any game.

Baba19062738d ago

"ultimate gaming expirience". good job at overhyping the game. there is no such a thing as ultimate anything!

4me22738d ago

"...For example, medics are still useless except to save your KDR.."

Thats not entirely true.
1) Since there are no more spawn grenades medic is right away more important in objective modes.
2) medic has an option to revive himself and therefore doesn't have run from nearest spawn point where action is ( I think thats advantage) unless the other player make sure the medic is really dead.
3) Reviving is much faster. There in no more switching to the gadget like in K2 that took so long and got you killed often. Medic needs to get close to the wounded player and press D-PAD.
4)Wounded players(including medic) are revived with higher MAX Ammo, Grenades and higher MAX health (assuming you unlocked Revive++). I think thats very useful.
5) The hovering droid very often will finish the player that got you down, allowing you to respawn. I believe, it will also shoot at cloaked marksman and disguised infiltrator. Therefore it will make you aware of those sneaky bastards.

NewMonday2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I got KZ2 cheep a year after it released expecting a meh game, boy was I surprised, I was a fan ever since.

I played the beta, I loved the layout of the 2 maps. Many ways to come and go. And I'm in it just for warzone, I wish they would get a mode like this in BFBC.

I only had to issues, one is the gun range didn't feel right, the other is that I couldn't adjust camera movement to comfortable point.

As for co-op, if it's available already offline, them it's a no brainer that it will be online, they just want to space out the announcements

Holeran2738d ago

It's funny to hear your opinions on this Alpha because to me the mp is pure gold now. I do feel that there are some things that need to be redone, like the Exoskeletons are immensely overpowered and the infiltraitor needs to be able to be seen at a bit more distance but overall I loved the demo. It has actually been one of my game highlights for the past couple years and think that Guerrila have done everything to make this game last much longer than the KZ2 mp and bring many more players to it. I played KZ2 mp for a good long time and liked it alot, but in my opinion KZ3 trumps it in every way, let alone many other games.

-Alpha2738d ago

If the game is better now I'll try it for sure.

You are right about medics being able to get up, but again, it's not a supportive class in the same sense.

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mike90772739d ago

Game will be good no doubt about it as long as they fix the spawn raping and a little tweaking of the controls which I think they have done already.

DigitalRaptor2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

It just needs to offer something different that a certain crowd can get into. I certainly prefer the grounded gameplay of Killzone to something like Halo, which I'm sure many others do too.

I think people who have bad impressions of Killzone 2 might well be surprised with what Killzone 3 has to offer. And I'm happy with the improvements and additions Guerrilla have made for KZ3:

Epic singleplayer (which surpasses KZ2) with splitscreen co-op and a really amazing and addictive Multiplayer. And arguably the best visuals on consoles to date - I still cannot believe they have managed to achieve that level of fidelity for Multiplayer - I can't wait to be immersed in the Killzone atmosphere yet again.

Convas2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

What makes Halo's gameplay ... ungrounded? In your opinion of course. Curious mind is curious.

DigitalRaptor2739d ago

I don't mean it as any sort of offense.

What I mean is the 'floaty' controls and arcade sensibilities. I respect that many people enjoy that sort of gameplay, but it's not my cup of tea.

DigitalAnalog2739d ago

"One" of the ultimate gaming experiences. As for me, I believe U3, Portal 2, LA Noire and The Last Guardian would offer experiences like none before it.

-End of Line

Buffniceguy2739d ago

Halo makes me zzzzzzzz Killzone 3 is my alarm clock.

Mista T2739d ago

I agree, sleeping is enjoyable, finally a time to relax. but after 5 seconds of an alarm clock I shut it off and I dread having to listen to it again

ohhh, i think you were going for something else. whoops :P

DigitalRaptor2739d ago

Haha, I see what you did there! ;)

Arup022739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I don't know about you, but i prefer to sleep than hear the alarm clock
@Buffniceguy Haha you're right. I don't have a job. Maybe because i'm to young to have one?

Buffniceguy2739d ago

That is why you have no job :)

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