GamesRadar: The Platinum Chalice Awards 2010

The best games of 2010, honored with the glittering trophies and glowing tributes they truly deserve.

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MrAwesome2625d ago

I lol' so hard at the Deadly Premonition video, it's the Best Worst part of this article ;)

TheLastGuardian2624d ago

This is why I love Gamesradar. They are the most unique gaming website out there imo. Red Dead Redemption is my GOTY too.

Quagmire2625d ago


Most Original Rip-Off!

j-blaze2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

i have enslaved, the cutscenes are nowhere as good as those journalist and reviewers say, also that game is pretty much plays itself ...
plus Nier is one of my favorite and most memorable game this year.

Spenok2624d ago

Good to see FFXIII getting the attention (rewards?) it deserves. It was in no way the best RPG i have ever played, but it was well worth playing, and people bitched far to much about it thats for sure.

Also Enslaved. It was a fantastic game, through a through. And as odd as this sounds, i found myself playing Enslaved more then Castlevania. But maybe that was just because i was waiting on the game erasing bug to be fixed...and i just happened to never go back to it :/ tho i do plan to for sure.

Jls12624d ago

yes it is good to see ff13

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