GamesRadar: The Platinum Chalice Awards 2010

The best games of 2010, honored with the glittering trophies and glowing tributes they truly deserve.

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MrAwesome2894d ago

I lol' so hard at the Deadly Premonition video, it's the Best Worst part of this article ;)

TheLastGuardian2893d ago

This is why I love Gamesradar. They are the most unique gaming website out there imo. Red Dead Redemption is my GOTY too.

Quagmire2894d ago


Most Original Rip-Off!

2894d ago
Spenok2893d ago

Good to see FFXIII getting the attention (rewards?) it deserves. It was in no way the best RPG i have ever played, but it was well worth playing, and people bitched far to much about it thats for sure.

Also Enslaved. It was a fantastic game, through a through. And as odd as this sounds, i found myself playing Enslaved more then Castlevania. But maybe that was just because i was waiting on the game erasing bug to be fixed...and i just happened to never go back to it :/ tho i do plan to for sure.

Jls12893d ago

yes it is good to see ff13

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