'Lair' pushed the limits of PS3, developers say

Heather Newman from Freep interviews some of the developers who worked on Lair :

"I took time out recently to chat with a couple of the folks responsible for putting out "Lair," Sony's gorgeous new fantasy-on-dragonback for PlayStation 3. It's a fun game to play, but it uses nearly every aspect of the PS3's new hardware, which can get almost as challenging for players as it is for developers."

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TheBigL053R3938d ago

They shouldn't have pushed the graphics so much, and pushed the controls.

nasim3938d ago

It meant that by using SIX AXIS it used all features of ps3.

Julian himself said in his interview that LAIR used 30% of ps3's power

Gizmo_Logix3938d ago

Another misquoted title by the blog writer. This article will be a joke in 2-3 months. Much less 2-3 years.

"Pushed limits?" Ha!

Lord Anubis3938d ago

"Lair takes advantage of all of the aspects of the PS3: 1080p graphics, 7.1 uncompressed surround sound, an epic musical score, motion control on the SIXAXIS [controller] and enough content to fill 25 gigs, all in the service of telling this fantastic story. This is a game and experience that literally could not have been done on any other system, past or present, and that is just amazing.

where is the limit?

only the sky is the limit. at times.

ElementX3938d ago

Sad when a game focuses on graphics and not gameplay. The power of the Cell!

resistance1003938d ago

doubt it TBH, epic said that gears pushed 360 to limits but that has proven incorrect. Nothing more than putting some hype on the game

Saint Sony3937d ago

Epic said also that they barely scratched the 360 surface. Which seems to be true.

DADO3938d ago

I think the statement should been something like this. Lair pushed the PS3 to it limits because that is all we could get out of it with the current knowledge of the system

MK_Red3938d ago

As much as I love and respect Factor 5, I've got to disagree with them. Lair is one of the best looking games of 2007 but PS3 has been out for less than one year and we know that the 4th and 5th generation games are the ones that really push the console to the limits, Like Shadow of the Colossus or God Of War (1&2) for PS2.

ISay3937d ago

that was a pretty strait foward remark thats just how consoles work, i dont know how people are disagreing with you, interesting you bring up shadow, i would say shadow is more visually satisfying than this game. this game is a lesson in flash over substance, and i dont know what people are so worried about the game will sell well and then the developers will feel vindicated. lets face people will buy just about any thing with prety dragons.