SOCOM 4 Coming After Killzone 3

Fans of SOCOM, are always wondering when the next SOCOM is coming out, well Zipper's Community Manger has an answer.

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LarVanian2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

After Killzone 3, before the end of 2011?
Wow that honestly didn't clarify anything. I think it was pretty obvious that with LBP2 releasing in January and KZ3 in February that there was no chance Socom 4 would be released beforehand.
If Sony release Motorstorm: Apocalypse in March then April would be the best month for Socom 4.

jack_burt0n2774d ago

motorstorm producer said mid april for apocalypse.

thing is would you split a community 2 soon by releasing socom say in mid march maybe? probably.

LarVanian2774d ago

Good point. I'm thinking a Summer release would be nice as it usually serves as the 'dry period' for gaming.

RememberThe3572773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I'm gonna say March too. Infamous 2 has to fit in there somewhere too, probably May like it's predecessor.

So you get LBP2 in January, Killzone 3 in February, Socom 4in March, MotorStorm in April, and Infamous 2 in May. Thats a solid 5 month stretch.

Marquis_de_Sade2771d ago

SOCOM and Killzone are different enough to appeal to a completely different set of shooter fans, SOCOM is more tactical, with a strong focus on communication and teamplay whereas Killzone is closer to a standard run and gun.

spunnups2774d ago

So many PS3 games in 2011 it's tough to space them out evenly.

Zydake2773d ago

Thats good looks like Sony is seeking out the shooter gamers after what Black Op's has done. BTW is KZ3 Helghast edition sold out was planning on ordering mine soon.

04soldier2773d ago

Didn't really think it needed an article on

Oh well, any news is good news when it comes to SOCOM.

JohnnyHalo2773d ago

Obviously not many N4g users follow the Socom community. Disrigarding my avatar I have always been an avid Socom fan since the ps2 era. Anyone with half a brain can tell you that Socom Confrontation for the PS3 was absolute garbage. Sure after a few patches it worked out great, but Now Zipper is ruining Socom4 with a ton of things none of the community wants. Of course my words don't really matter much here on n4g aka fanboy land. My comment will only be taken hostage by mass disagree's even though half the users here have no clue what is really going on in the Socom community / forums.

04soldier2773d ago

(never thought I'd agree with someone with halo in their name)

The changes that are being implemented into SOCOM are very unwanted by the hardcore fans of the series like myself.

Things such as snap to cover, shoulder view and possibly regenerating health in MP are just listing a few of the unwanted changes to the franchise.

It seems that Zipper is trying to get a more broader audience (Casual Audience $$$) and at the same time changing SOCOM's unique tactical experience in one fell swoop.

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RonXD2774d ago

Socom 4 is going to be terrible.

Iamback2774d ago

I am not going to lie i am worried. I say take as much time as you need to make it solid, don't rush it.

RonXD2774d ago

I'm hoping that delay they announced awhile ago is to fix the game.

Nitrowolf22773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

"I'm hoping that delay they announced awhile ago is to fix the game."

and how do you know whats wrong with it?????
Time Machine, i want it

If your talking bout Confrontation that was Slant Six
Zipper did an excellent job at M.A.G.

RememberThe3572773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I'm not worried at all. Zipper has yet to make a game i don't love. If I wasn't so addicted to GT5 I would be playing MAG again. Socom is Zippers bread and butter; theres nothing to worry about.

RonXD2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )


There are a ton of things that the Socom community has seen in these gameplay demonstrations that they do not approve of. If you're a fan and have been following the Socom 4 news, then you should know people aren't too happy with what they have saw thus far


Also MAG wasn't even that good. BFBC2 was much better.

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RedRedSuitSDF2773d ago

If it's like part 3 and Confrontation.... it will. :( Hasn't been a good SOCOM since SOCOM 2. Hopefully this one is.

AKA2773d ago

are you crazy? i play it ar E3 and i was amazed, the gameplay is so fun, fluid.
The online modes are very hardcore and fun and it also has respawn for casuals.

and if the rumor of 5 players co op is true this game is pure epicness.

i guess i have 1 month to play a lot of Killzone 3 and then my time will go to 80% SOCOM 4 and 20%Killzone. ultill the other babys come out like inFAMOUS 2, ICO, U3, TM, and more..

I'm having a hard time been a ps3 ownes i don't know if i will have the money the time to playall the exclusives plus the non exclusive 2011 is crazy.

i think im going to hire a administrator for my gaming life lol

Doletskaya2774d ago

Why don't they take their time to develop the game and delay it to 2012? With Mass Effect 2, LBP2, KZ3, Motorstorm, R3 and U3, I have no interest in Socom 4 nor have any money to buy it.

If they delay it to 2012, maybe there's still a chance that Socom 4 will be as big and special as games like KZ3 or R3. Right now, the game honestly looks like just another shooter.

NoBias2773d ago

F that. It's obvious you're not a fan of the franchise. I've been playing every one since the first.

I want my SOCOM in 2011.

Doletskaya2773d ago

If hardcore and loyal SOCOM fans who are still playing Confrontation are the only people Zipper is trying to sell, then sure, release the game in 2011.

AKA2773d ago

why not delay LBP2, ME, MS and the rest.
i will skip LBP2, ME, MS and play SOCOM 4 anyday and im not saying they are bad games but SOCOM is just btter.

SOCOM 4 is going to be a great diferent experience
with a epic MP.

SOCOM 4 will be the MP game of the year for sure.

MariaHelFutura2774d ago

If your health re-gens in MP, I`m not buying it. If it doesn`t, I`ll pick it up day one.

nevin12774d ago

I'm really not liking what im seeing/reading so far.

But I hope Socom is good like The 1st and Fireteam Bravo for PSP.

I would Like to see some split screen in Socom but i doubt it.

3rd Person>>>>>> FPSs

Nitrowolf22773d ago

Only if 3rd Person is done right can it be better then FPS.
Also i love what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six Vegas, and mix the two together. FPS when running and shooting, TP when hiding in cover. Love that

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