Mass Effect 2's PS3-exclusive comic: how it works

Joystiq: Finally! Mass Effect! On the PS3! As a huge fan of the franchise, I was waiting for another excuse to play through Mass Effect 2. New and exclusive to the PS3 version of BioWare's RPG is an interactive comic that summarizes the events of the first Mass Effect. It's a clever workaround to Microsoft's publishing rights to the first game, and considering the importance of these choices in subsequent games, the effort is much appreciated.

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SnakeMustDie2866d ago

Hope they include the scene where Shep can punch the reporter in ME1

ct032866d ago

Wait a second, I've only ever played as a female Shepard (who encounters a female reporter). Is the reporter also a female when you play male Shepard? Because then punching her seems very wrong.

Quagmire2866d ago

Since when was punching females ever wrong?

ct032866d ago

Not in the mind of pubescent misogynists I guess.

Baka-akaB2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

1. it's a game

2. punching a man is equally wrong .

3. It's not for no reason punching her is considered an evil/renegade decision

4. To make it more "appropriate" , she obviously was a total jerk

presto7172866d ago

they say "PS3-exclusive comic" as if its actually good.

I think that the entire f**king Mass Effect 1 game is better than an "exclusive comic"

ksense2866d ago

really whats with everyone posting the same stuff about how mass effect 1 is better and it is better than the comic and mass effect 2 etc... It is published by microsoft so we r not getting it end of story.

I would rather play a game then not play one at all especially a top rated game. Bioware is doing their best to make it as easy as a transition as possible.

I am pretty sure millions of xbox users eould buy uncharted 2 without 1 if they had a chance granted the story isn't as involving and continous like mass effect but you get the drift...

JD_Shadow2866d ago

I'm not even sure about the MS owning the full publishing rights. I've yet to see anything that confirms anything about the MS issue. Since the PC version of the original was published by EA, there seems to be some confusion that no one is actually answering with any facts, and only acting on speculation that people are taking AS facts.

I would be very happy if Bioware would clear the whole issue up, but of course, they seemed to be the ones that ignited the PS3 rumors before trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube time and time again.

Vaud-Villian2866d ago

It's not even PS3 exclusive, Bioware stated it will be a Cerberus download for 360 later

Megaton2866d ago

"I would've loved to see some of the less crucial decisions make an appearance in the story, as they add so much "flavor" to the Mass Effect universe. For example, what would you do to a fan that seemed a bit too obsessed with you?"

I was afraid of that, the lesser decisions getting the axe. That's too bad. The Conrad Verner bit in ME2 if you spoke to him in ME1 is pretty funny.

Baka-akaB2866d ago

we should be more worried for me3 . Some of the decision not even being considered kinda confirms plenty stuff will be minor when carried from me1 to me2 to me3 ..

And might at most get some dialogue or a nod

gamingdroid2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

Yeah, it is unfortunate that Bioware couldn't include all the minor subplot, but let's face it:

a. Asking Bioware to condense a plot oriented game like Mass Effect down to a comic is like asking if you can condense a book into a 5 page summary. You are going to get the gist of the action, but a lot of the emotion and experience of the situation comes from the dialogue and how that situation builds up. You are not going to get that from an interactive shortened comic book.

b. There are a lot of minor plot stories that get carried over from ME1 to ME2. If you don't experience the backdrop in ME1 then you are likely not to recognize the small changes in ME2 when you encounter these people again. It's not essential to the plot though, but nice to see...

c. Gamers that haven't played the first Mass Effect and don't have or don't want a Xbox 360 can get it on PC. It's dirt cheap right now!

That said, if you can get it on PC (assuming you have the PC specs for it), you should just get ME2 on the PC as well.

d. If you still insist on playing ME2 on PS3, you are likely NOT to miss a lot. Why? You don't miss stuff you don't realize is there! You will enjoy the game, replay gazillion times and rave about it like all of us!

There you have it! If you don't know what you are missing, then you won't notice it. Ignorance is a bliss!

... actually there is one more thing, you can watch the entire ME1 game on Youtube!

sp1deynut2866d ago

[email protected] "PS3-exclusive comic", like it's a bonus or something.

Quagmire2866d ago (Edited 2866d ago )

I didnt know 360 and PC had the comic too. /s

Vaud-Villian2866d ago

They are, as a future Cerberus download

Baka-akaB2866d ago

and how isnt it ? It's either the game with it or without it .

No me1 is a settled matter , and how people keep bitching and moaning about is no longer that entertaining

redsquad2866d ago

The PS3 is getting ME2 and 3... just accept it instead of trying to put a bad spin on it.

razpor2866d ago

i dnt know , how they make the opening sequence without taking in the variables for ashley/kaiden choice? I guess... Mayb liara is in there place...??? Bt who knows.... :)
so the comic is not included on disc??? Is it??? I srsly doubt tht.... I mean somethng as important as tht shud be on disc... Isnt it??? :/ *bioware is screwing up +*
i wud prefer 360 version of me 3 if really thts the case..

Baka-akaB2866d ago

yeah , i hope it's still a decision , and not like the default sheppard thrown with the default me2 save

tigertron2866d ago

I'm sure they've made sure that any choices you made in the comic will affect Mass Effect 2. Its there for the player to make all the important choices i.e. Ashley/Kaiden, Wrex and the Rachni Queen.

When I get Mass Effect 2 I'll just repeat the choices I made, bar one.

Gohadouken2866d ago

but things like the rachni were rather minor in me2 .

hell even the choice between ashley , kaiden and liara as a romance option .

I can see who lives or who dies among the team included , but some of the non essential stuff seems to be in danger

retro2866d ago

No... because does a sports game make you an athlete? NO.

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