IGN: Why the Wii Still Matters

Five years is a very, very long time in the video game industry. In 2011 the Wii will turn five, and many have declared the system obsolete. But is it? Or will 2011 be another strong year for Nintendo's innovative console?

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Dsnyder2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

The wii has never really mattered. It had a cheap gimmick going for it and nothing more. Microsoft and sony could have released an ipod-esque console at a dirt cheap price but they chose to make a console with quality parts in it that can render the modern HD games we love so much. PS3 and 360 now come close to its price and they have specs and features that are light years ahead of the wii. So no, the wii does not really matter.

VersusEM2654d ago

To me the Wii is alright, they have a few good games, like Zelda, Mad world and well that's all I can think off.

ABizzel12654d ago

No offense to the Wii, but the PS3 and 360 have always been ahead of it in terms of tech, features, and value, and now thanks to Move and Kinect it's showing it's age the most. Move 1uped their trick, and Kinect while still not proven, has hype favoring it with the casual market (at least for now).

The Wii has run it's course, and it needs a successor and soon. 2011 needs to be the last year for the Wii with a Wii 2 or whatever coming out in 2012.

Gr812654d ago

LoL, and if tech and other 'features' really mattered, both HD consoles wouldn't have gotten their asses handed to them by such an underpowered, gaming only machine.

You as well as many others can try and marginalize the Wii and its success all you want but there comes a point where that just starts to look like you're reaching and its actually quite pathetic.

It could be argued that this gen, the Wii is the only console that has mattered. It is the trailblazing system, and has spawned copy cats and imitators.

It is what it is.

mikeslemonade2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

It still matters largely for Nintendo because they're making so much money, but for the customers the Wii doesn't mean much to them. It's the least played despite being the most owned. Nintendo has angered many gamers and will not buy Wii 2 because of that. And those are the gamers that buy the "good" games and buy them in large quantities. Those are the gamers that are the early adopters that generate hype. Wii 2 won't have that.

KiraxYamato2654d ago

@Arius Dion actually the PS3 Move was researched in 2001 before the Wii even existed. It also had a prototype in 2001 call the Magic Duel, look it up.

n4f2653d ago

oh yeah the famous argument'' sony came with it in 2001''
come on son motion tech was there before sony do you know that

ChickeyCantor2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )


Where was is it until now?
I mean why is it not possible that they put the project in to freeze until the Wii came out and showed the success?

Nintendo pioneered it, doesn't matter if Sony was working on it for ages.

And Le Stick says hello.

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Shok2654d ago

SO you need HD graphics and features to matter? LOL! Man, what gamers have come to.....

Mista T2654d ago

well duh, in this day and age even phones produce better looking games

eagle212654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

That's why it has the highest rated game this year that just won Destructoid Game Of The Year. :)

It will matter when (and if) the haters lil' consoles catch up to 80 million (by then Wii will be 100 million). And it matters now.

King-Leonidas2654d ago

i look forward to Zelda... Twilight princess was a masterpiece

RonXD2654d ago

Twilight Princess was a masterpiece?

It was easily one of the most boring Zelda games i've ever played. I had to force myself to beat it because I know I wasn't going to touch it after Smash Bros came out.

SonyNGP2654d ago

"but they chose to make a console with quality part"

Quality parts?



eagle212654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

360 has no browser, no wifi standard in 90% of it's sold hardware, no HDD in 40% of it's sold hardware, and DVD is it's standard regardless of the fans hopes it's true

As long as Wii keeps selling exclusive games rated higher or on par with most of other consoles exclusives ratings (like it still does)'s damn relevant.

laaakokaracha2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )


some people should not drink before using the internet...

I got my Wii 2 weeks ago and I am playing all the good games that I cant play on my ps3 or on mu xbo360

To me money doesnt matter so I can easily afford to buy a console even for only one game I want to play.

So far I enjoyed wii the most...Plug and play I love it

I bought ps3 only for need to say how that turned out EPIC FAIL

Now im waiting for XENOBLADE and LAST STORY as well as ZELDA...

Cant help it but the only games I like are proper JRPGs

Blaze9292654d ago

Wtf? These are the same people who just made an article asking: "IGN: The Last Great Year for the Wii?"


GTFO. I'm sick of that stupid website. no more.

avengers19782653d ago

It still matters because it's still the top selling console of this gen.
Though it is really showing it's age, and for the most part the Wii "fad" is over.
What you have left is actual nintendo fans and face facts good games for them are few and far between.

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hougigo2654d ago

Also, people bash the PS3's move for copying the wii..... orly?
Sony has been working on the wand for quite sometime now, experimenting with different light sources for it. Since the wii released it's motion controller first, anything after it is a copier.

Shok2654d ago

This had nothing to do with the article

stonecold32654d ago

well m$ copy sony with eyetoy with kinect peace out

Arup022654d ago

I make the Shok words mine: This had nothing to do with the article.

DaBadGuy2654d ago

Well $ony copy Sega with Dreameye with eyetoy peace out

Seriously though, on topic, yes the Wii still matters, it's been a hell of a year with games like Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M, Kirby's Epic Yarn, No More Heroes 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, etc. and Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the way.

The few Wii games that are actually good are loads of fun, and the Virtual COnsole has a huge backlog of gems fron Nintendo's long history, so yes the Wii still matters and 360 and PS3 are playing catch up with their motion control periphs because even though Wii made it to market last, they were the first with motion controls that worked well.

dredgewalker2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I agree that the Wii still matters...unfortunately the irony is that IGNorance to me is irrelevant in the gaming world.

callahan092654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Just bought a trifecta of Wii games: Kirby's Epic Yarn, Disney Epic Mickey, and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Might get Metroid Other M soon as well. Also bought U-Draw and U-Draw Pictionary for the girlfriend.

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