Inside Gaming: Best Innovation In Game Design - Halo Reach

Halo: Reach took top honors for Best Multi-Player at the Video Game Awards but at the Inside Gaming Awards it won Best Innovation for Forge 2.0.

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awiseman2917d ago

about time they recognise a real shooter and not that noob/kid fest that is mw2 and blk ops...

Convas2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Amen! Forge allows console folks a measure of creativity and customization not afforded by ANY other shooter in the industry (Besides Far Cry 2, the only other map editor with deeper options than Forge).

Forge 2.0 goes ABOVE and BEYOND that, making it simpler for the uninitiated to make functional works, and offering even more options and depth to the Michelangelo's out there.

Hopefully, 343 Industries can revolutionize Forge 3.0 even further, with Terrain Editing and Weather!


Forge is amazing the sculptures the race tracks the levels its insane i watch the uploads frequently. The halo fanbase is innovative as it gets a league of its own in my opinion