Pachter Needs To Get Hand-Held

"Over the past six months, the Nintendo DS specifically - the dominant leader in the hand-held landscape - has been selling fewer units than in those same months last year. Chalking that loss up to just the iPod Touch (as he seems to suggest) is absurd." ~ Kevin Schaller

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samurailincoln2921d ago

Pachter is ridiculous. Dude should really get his head out of his ass.

ABizzel12921d ago

Pachter needs a brain for an idea.

morganfell2921d ago

Pacter needs to be hand held.


Jack Meahoffer2921d ago

Can there ever be a Pachter article where people discuss the F'ing topic at hand whether they disagree or not rather than the SAME boring "Pachter suxxors" comments?

Yeah we get it you don't like him yet you still take the time to post a comment. Great.

On Topic -

I agree with the author. It's not just the iOS products causing handheld sales to slow... It's that the current handheld generation is old a shat and most everyone that wants one has 3 different models now. When Nin and Sony put out new hardware sales will be strong again but Apple has carved itself out a slice of mobile gaming.

alphakennybody2921d ago

this guy is getting way to many undeserved credit just by writing posts like this with his name on it.

Quagmire2921d ago

Pachter needs a paddlin'

Arup022921d ago

Haha i lol'd at the pic. Imagine a game where patcher is the protagonist!

skip2mylou2921d ago

more like the antagonist we finally get to kill.........

lizard812882921d ago

*Pachter buys an N-Gauge*
"Man, this IS going to be better than the 3ds and psp2. I must tell the world!"

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The story is too old to be commented.