Joystiq: Journey Preview - Souls Searching

Joystiq laughed when they first saw the scarf worn by Journey's main character. They couldn't help it -- the flair it adds to the enigmatic avatar renders the figure distinctly more charming than spooky. The scarf serves a more functional purpose, too: It's a gameplay meter, measuring your character's ability to fly. The scarf depletes as you fly; fill it back up -- and even lengthen it -- by completing puzzles and discovering secrets, among other things. There's actually a variety of scarves to be collected and equipped throughout the gameworld.

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Trroy2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

thatgamecompany... is great. It's pretty cool of Sony to give such studios a headstart. They have a great eye for gaming awesomeness.

Seijoru2741d ago

Why is this tagged with only Xbox 360, this is a ps3 exclusive.