Uncharted 3: Nathan Drake's Got Skills

GameDynamo - "One of the most devastating new attacks, Nathan can quickly drop down onto enemies below him, instantly dispatching them. In the demo, Nathan is being shot by a mercenary on the floor below him. During a pause in the gunfire, Nathan can jump over the broken railing and attack the mercenary..."

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VersusEM2917d ago

good attacks but does it beat Cloud's omislash from Final Fantasy VII

Jack Meahoffer2917d ago

Agree on the first part disagree on the second part.

Can't wait for this game. Long way away.

ExplosionSauce2917d ago

What kind of dumba-- comparison was that?!

Sorry but, Lolwut?

ExplosionSauce2917d ago

[on topic]
Side shimmy was done like one or two times in UC2 I think.

Arup022917d ago

They need to improve the fighting sections imo.