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This guy proves THE FIGHT 1:1 tracking is awesome

Kevin Butler tweets video of me proving how awesome THE FIGHT:Lights Out 1:1 tracking is

"This guy proves THE FIGHT 1:1 tracking is awesome, gets bonus points for posters of himself on his wall."

http://twitter.com/#!/TheKe... (Playstation Move, PS3, The Fight: Lights Out)

Credit url: twitter.com
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whateva  +   1383d ago | Well said
I tried to post my video 2 weeks ago but people reported it
& said it was spam because it was from youtube, now it's being posted on Kevin Butler's twitter.
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Shazz  +   1383d ago
I seen this video last time and waited on it getting approved to shut all the haters up about the clearly unfair low scores reviews . Hopefully it gets through mate .
Dead_Pixel   1383d ago | Spam
ABizzel1  +   1383d ago
People were upset that you can't punch widely and it wouldn't register their windmill. I agree it should punch faster, but it's just not there yet.
ChineseDemocracy  +   1383d ago
Regarding the "slow animations"... How many of you have actually been in a fight? You might be able to throw lightning quick shots at your opponent for all of 2 minutes; fighting consumes a lot of energy, and pacing and technique is what you need.
hay  +   1382d ago
Up your flaccid assholes reviewers!
inveni0  +   1382d ago
Ummm...I don't think this video really proves much because the guy isn't actually fighting. Yeah, it's tracking his movement, but he's not showing us how well it does when he's actually in the fury of the fight, and I have to wonder why.
ThatArtGuy  +   1383d ago
Single user's youtube link as a submission is spam.

Official company reporting a youtube link is a valid submission.
Bigpappy  +   1383d ago
@whateva. I saw your vid on youtube for this and Sports Champion. They were both well done, good work.

The "Kungfu Live" vid on the other hand you could have backed away from that one. Just my opinion though.

Lights out is 1:1 but the speed of the punches are not reflected in the animation.
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xAlmostPro  +   1382d ago
actually its slow when your throwing single punches either really fast or not fast enough.. didn't you see the video? he clearly picks up the spped(the character) when the guys starts doing a fluid combo

plus either way its still showing 1:1 tracking.. and it was reviewed low for 'lag' and not seeming to be really 1:1 :/
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marinelife9  +   1383d ago
Great game and a good workout.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   1382d ago
Awesome!1:1 indeed!

another awesome The Fight gameplay

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Dark-Cloud4  +   1382d ago
they did the same thing for gt5 reviews , they are bunch of nerds that don't know about cars or anything !! they play 1 or 2 hours and review it !! in gt5 it takes weeks to complete half of the game !!!
so now im sure they are wrong about this game and some other games , lately reviewers make bad reviewws , maybe they are fanboys or get paid , im sure of it ...
xAlmostPro  +   1382d ago
so basically this proves it does work, and the reviewers clearly marked it low because they sucked at it? :/

doesn't suprise me tbh
jack who  +   1383d ago
animation needs a LOT of work
Kamikaze135  +   1383d ago
I really love the concept and hope that they release a sequel with much improvement.
rezzah  +   1383d ago
Dont waste your time replying to him, he stealth trolls.
thebudgetgamer  +   1383d ago
i love how it always changes with fanboys.

fanboy: look its not even 1:1.
person: but look at this its clearly 1:1
fanboy: yea but it doesn't even look good.
BannedForNineYears  +   1383d ago
I think what Jack Who was trying to say is God did a bad job rigging/jointing our bodies...
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playnation  +   1383d ago
XBOX needs a LOT of work !
OllieBoy  +   1383d ago
Game seems legit since the patch came out. Should be cheap when I finally get a Move next year.
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Arup02  +   1383d ago
You can't change the color of the Move light? Because the pink one looks like a dildo

Hmm, very precise movement, good work by SONY
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ad4mb  +   1383d ago
yeh, because the colour defines the shape of a dildo? grow up
Arup02  +   1383d ago
You guys take things to seriously, relax. ¬¬

Haha now everyone will start to attack me just because i made fun of Move.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1383d ago
Say what you want about the Move, I could care less. Your comment was stupid and you know it. Ad4mb comment explains it quite clearly. Every once and awhile everyone says something stupid, right now that person is you.
evrfighter  +   1382d ago
i actually agree with Arup02

It's the only reason I don't own a move. Last thing I need is for my friends to come over and start with the wise cracks.

There are a lot of people I'm sure that feel the same way.
madpuppy  +   1382d ago
@evrfighter and Arup02, you are so insecure in your own masculinity that the color pink makes you uncomfortable?

MariaHelFutura  +   1383d ago
Your avatar looks like it`s swallowing a dildo.
FunAndGun  +   1383d ago
lol, he changed it!

what a tool.
garos82  +   1382d ago
i dissagreed evrfighter cause everyone here knows you really dont have friends.

OT: i have to admit i havent picked this up cause i was put off from all the terrible reviews it got. dont get me wrong ive bought games that have received 5/10 and enjoyed them but for some reason games that score below that for me arent usually worth it. it seems though that i do need to try this out and pass my own judgement
fr0sty  +   1383d ago
this does a good job of showing exactly how well the move system can track your full body. most people think it's only good for tracking your hands, but as you can see it tracks your shoulders, head, and both arms flawlessly. notice how little lag there was?
user858621  +   1383d ago
such slow animation.........
Shazz  +   1383d ago
You can throw fast combos as you level your character up more but game also has stamina etc you know like real life .
fr0sty  +   1383d ago
well, that's kinda the problem also. they expect you to put in real motions to control the game but do not want to let you use your real stamina. they should have just left that alone.
Trunkz Jr  +   1383d ago
probably edited it so they were both in sync :P
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1383d ago
Trunkz Jr
no. did the same thing at the playstation store in NYC. its real.
FLOWCity  +   1383d ago
First time that move has impressed me...Might get one now.
Jrome  +   1383d ago
First time? It has been out for months now. This game is a launch title.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1383d ago
Side by side videos never show lag and lot of you should know that by now, there's a reason why this game got low reviews, everyone who's played it and everyone who's seen someone playing it knows this game has too much lag.

He should have placed the camera behind him on his left or right hand side, pointing towards the screen, then you'd all be able to see how bad the lag is on this game.
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Miths  +   1382d ago
Looks around for user reviews (eg. Amazon, Metacritic, general opinion on forums like GameFAQs) and you'll quickly realize that the "professional" reviews are extremely out of line with user opinion, more than I remember seeing for any other game in recent history.

The Fight has a few flaws (such as the mostly defunct head tracking), but Move tracking certainly isn't one of them. It's 1:1 indeed, with even your punching speed accurately represented once you've spent some time leveling up your character stats.
And input lag is absolutely negligible. Personally I don't notice anything at all, but since there's obviously always going to be some kind of delay with any type of controller, I imagine it might be on par with "slow" 30 fps console (gamepad) shooters - eg. around 150-200 ms.
Wolverineinaspeedo   1383d ago | Spam
Dr_Nefarious  +   1383d ago
To those of you who are saying the fight has lag.... ridiculous. You're so called lag is made by the fact that when you try to punch and you get beat to the punch your punch doesn't register. it's called taking an a whoopin. It happens and just because it sucks doesn't mean it needs to be hated on.
floetry101  +   1383d ago
I'd rather wait for Socom 4.
FantasyStar  +   1383d ago
I like the music.

*head bump*
Hazmat13  +   1383d ago
you can download the soundtrack from PStore but idk. it would be badass is they had sum Tech N9ne on there!
TooTall19  +   1383d ago
The game has custom soundtracks. So you can play some T9X if you have it on your ps3!
Hazmat13  +   1382d ago
FUCK YA!!!!!
Dellis  +   1383d ago
GT5 has this feature also
Stationfan  +   1383d ago
Sup ONQ i also reside on the ps3forums
Buffniceguy  +   1383d ago
Awesome my favorite game this year.
palaeomerus  +   1383d ago
The fight is just Danny trejo telling you not to move your feet. It's crap.
Mr Tretton  +   1383d ago
I thought it was decided this game was shit? It got really bad reviews all around.

Did they patch it or something?
Wolverineinaspeedo   1383d ago | Spam
JoeReno  +   1383d ago
The game was never "shit" it did receive bad reviews, but I'm sure most of that was due to the reviewers not leveling up the fighter. The first few fights are not anything like when you train your fighter and level up on things. Its only at that point you will start to see power in your punches. I'm fairly certain that most reviews just played the first few fights and called it crap, turned in the review befor the deadline and called it a day. The game is decent, good even. TSA, And movemodo both did the leg work and gave proper reviews. Can't say the same for the rest that I read.
Mr Tretton  +   1383d ago
wow, this dude just waggled the same way around for 9 freakin minutes. Just play the damn game!

PlayStation Move: Ghetto Edition.
jwk94  +   1383d ago
Whoa! I thought this game wasn't 1:1 and it only had pre-registered animations like the wii games? That's what the reviews said. WTF!?
Masterchef2007  +   1383d ago
looks good. Dont you have to level up or something in order for the acurracy to kick in?
JoeReno  +   1383d ago
Yep, like a street fight RPG
akiraburn  +   1383d ago
@masterchef, that's partially correct. The game begins pretty accurate and completely able for your arm and head movement to be tracked normally, however you won't be as accurate, be able to make every punch hit, or move as fast in general as later on in the game when you level up some stats. Even after your first few upgrades, you'll definitely notice a difference in reaction times and everything else.

I have to say that after some hands-on time with the game, I was very surprised, due mainly to the fact that every review seemed very negative towards the game, and mostly gave it review scores that were equivalent to the game being unplayable or broken in some serious way, and it definitely is far from that. It might not be a game I would grab for the $40 price tag, but for anywhere from $20 to $30 I would seriously consider it.
Masterchef2007  +   1383d ago
Thank you so much for clearing up that issue. Many people make the game seem like its broken and unplayable when in reality its not. I am really impressed with how some devs are taking advantage of the tech that move offers. The most impressive game i played so far was tumble, the game provides a level of interaction never before seen in a video game
akiraburn  +   1382d ago
No problem at all bud. The common problem with the reviews I think, were that most of the reviewers believed they could start out being tough as nails, and many of them haven't actually fought at all before. Because of this, they assumed certain things didn't work, or they didn't really explore the game fully. You definitely need to make sure your PS Eye is setup in a good position, however once that's done, you should have very accurate movement.

I will definitely also say, that you should be getting a good workout from it. That could have been another reason why some people disliked it, as you definitely need to be ready for the amount of effort you'll put in physically. Within a couple hours of gaming, you could be burning a couple hundred calories, and actually doing some strength-training, just due to the amount of consistent punching and effort you'll be using. If you're not in the best of shape, you might only make it through a few fights and some training before you need to take a break for a day.

As for me, I have to say that Tumble is a lot of fun and between that, Sports Champions, and The Fight, they are my top favorite Move titles right now. I am definitely looking forward to the future of Move games, and seeing how far their implementation will go. About the only thing I would like to see, is an evolution of the Navigation controller, with an added tracking ball on there as well, as there could be some amazing gaming advancements with that, such as dual wielding guns with the ability to have two targeting reticules, or dual melee weapon motion tracking, among many other possibilities, while still being able to move completely independent in a 3D environment.
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guitar_nerd_23  +   1382d ago
i suck at this game, still trying to get all the basic controls down i find the character movement a little counter-intuative and end up swating flys about 6inches infront of the other guys face then i get forget my defence trying to get closer and get my head stoved in

i will persovere tho, from what everyone seems to say it will get easier the more i train

can only play in fairly small blasts tho cuz its very tiring- which i like- nice change of pace from my other games

edit: does anyone have ne tips getting the head tracking to work reliably i can get mine to 'average' but as soon as i go in a fight and defend my head it turns it off and i cant find how to duck without it :S

also excuse my spelling i tried honest
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darkdoom3000  +   1382d ago
I have it. Actually works as it says. Movement is 1:1.
Make sure you constantly do training to increase stats, you are really weak and slow at first. build up stamina and strength.
John21  +   1382d ago
Sucky game. If you notice that the player hits with right hand and ingame character hits with left??!!
Dark-Cloud4  +   1382d ago
good game , didn't play it but it looks good and heared it's good and reviews were wrong ... i hope that i can buy it :( ... i already want demon soul and next year will be crazy , so i can't buy it :( i already have ps move but i have to buy another ps move and buy this so i think i won't get it now :(
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Toixer  +   1382d ago
I love this game. I've rented it two times and I'm gonna rent it again. Problem is that the single move controller is out of stock here for a few months now. Otherwise I would have bought it already. It's ok using the dual shock as 2nd controller, but not as good as using a 2nd move.
divideby0  +   1382d ago
tracking clearly does work.

ask anyone who has a higher degree belt in karate or a martial art and the speed is like 1/5 of the way I actually kick or punch.

as with kinect, these are good first attempts, but their clearly is a need for a way faster camera with higher resolutions, which will clearly dictate faster camera
btk  +   1382d ago
Had the game for two weeks now. It is one of my favorite games now. The tracking is 1:1 - and yes - it sometimes glitches.

Frustration at the beginning as your man seems sluggish, but after spending some time in the gym, the character responds better. Same as in Table Tennis. The character is intentionally slower in lower levels. The reviewers claiming it lagged just did not spend the time to level up and realize the reactions improves as your character skills improves.

The Fight is a great workout. I would recommend anyone to try this game. Lots of fun, real satisfaction when you land a good punch.

To hell with the so called reviewers in the media. This game is A/B+ title. 8/10. Can be better with story mode etc. But the basic physics - it is great.

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