Need for Speed ProStreet Preview

Need for Speed is a franchise that has always been associated with Street Racing. With entries in the series like Underground, Hot Pursuit, and Most Wanted, the games have focused on racing the fastest car, often while avoiding the police.

Now with Need for Speed ProStreet, the game is going in a new direction, featuring the emerging world of organized street racing. Now street racers want to know who is the best of the best, and Need for Speed ProStreet gives you the chance to show off your skills.

Check out the video as the game's product manager, Darin Perfonic explains the game's new direction, along with its improved damage physics and much more.

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XENOCIDE3750d ago

I think the dev's could have done a bit more. This is the 3rd NFS installment on the current gen consoles and I'm quite underwhelmed, this coming from a fan of the franchise. The damage modeling is a step forward, but it's a very small one. During the demo he smashed into the side of a mountain and the result was the hood and fenders flying off. Trust me, I know it's a game, but I expect a bit more when I run into rock doing 100mph.

And smoke? It's a nice effect n' all but if you've gotta point it out n' actually implement it as a "gameplay element", I think you should go back to the drawing board n' work up some new ideas, and stick to what most fans of the series like; cop chases. Not many other races have 'em, that alone is a strong selling point.

Karebear3750d ago

The whole story concept of it being out in the open during the day... its just not as appealing.