I Have a Penis Too: Witness The Most Humiliating Cases of Mistaken Identities & Flirting in MMOs

Witness the most humiliating cases of mistaken identities and flirting up the wrong tree in MMOs from GamesRadar:

"You'd think that the whole guys playing as girls phenomenon that leads to flirting confusion wouldn't be an issue anymore. After all, stories of shame are posted all over the internet. But we still find ourselves getting groped on a regular basis. And yes, we still find it hilarious.

We've collected our favorite encounters with sexually frustrated gamers barking up the wrong tree. The stories are real, but all names are made up to protect those involved from dying from plus 10 piercing damage embarrassment."

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MK_Red3911d ago

GameRadar is at it again.

This is one of the many reasons I avoid and hate MMOs but GR's article is kinda amuzing if short and random.

zerolinkgannon3910d ago

Funny but a bit...disturbing..

Loopy3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

I don't know what's more disturbing...
The other users who thinks the GR characters are women.
Or the GR guy staff posing as women...
I mean, let's analyze this a little more:
1) The character named Imaguy2 looks like a female, but has a male name. Does this mean he's transvestite?
2) Naked female dancing together. What's the first impression that springs up to mind? That they are aliens? I think not.
3) TehHomophobe guy who thinks the GR's character dressed as a woman thinks the character really is a woman. Who's to blame?

Amusing, but I was laughing more at GR's stupidity than the other users answers....

Spinitus3910d ago

that was an awesome read. thank you. :D

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