Kung-Fu Live Review (PlayStation 3/Network)- Gameplaybook

Unless you feel like exhausting yourself over crappy kung fu, don't bother going with Live, grasshoppa.

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NewMonday2411d ago

Guy hasn’t even toched the game, that’s just lame

TheDCD2411d ago

Um, you don't "touch" the game. You play it with your EyeToy. Weird comment.

2411d ago
FunAndGun2411d ago

Actually, you play it with your PSEye. Maybe you didn't play it?

EyeToy was for PS2.

DarkTower8052411d ago

The problem with these game reviews is that they take these Move/Kinect/Wii games too seriously. I have a friend at work who has been raving about how much fun him and his family have been having with this game. This is not supposed to be a GOTY contender, or some deep story/cutscene driven game. Its just a get-off-the-couch, have-a-laugh, family game. Maybe this reviewer is expecting too much, or maybe he needs to try this out in a different atmosphere.

TheDCD2410d ago

Ha, meant PlayStation Eye. Oops.