80° Lists the Top 11 Racing Games

As the 2007 holiday season approaches, and with it, a diverse collection of fine-looking next-generation racing games, decided to step back for a moment and consider what's come before with UGO's top 11 racing games. More after the jump.

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MK_Red3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Not a bad list. Mine would be all the Burnout games plus Midnight Club 3 and MotorStorm. I also like the NFS 1 & 2 & U + Gran Turismo 1.

EaziG3788d ago

Where was GT4? teh best racing game ever made?

VirusE3788d ago

I am sorry but as good as gt4 was forza 2 was much better.

xbox360elitegamer3788d ago

forza 2 should be the best, the #1 on the chart

level 3603787d ago

Why no rallye games?, any WRC Series, Colin McRae Rallye', Rallisport?

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