Kotaku Review: PS3 Wireless Headset Kills Two Birds With a Half-Ounce Stone

At E3, I lost my phone's Jawbone headset. For multiplayer on my PS3, I've used a bulky, cheap, wired set that looks like I stole it from Mike Ditka. In either case, anything would be an improvement.

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UNCyrus2920d ago

Yup, Sony makes good hardware. We know this :)

Szarky2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Bought the headset and returned it. Was hoping it would fix the problem this new one plus the old one have... mic level is stuck at 3 in the settings!!! You can't change it. I live in a tiny place so my g/f or dog walking or talking can be heard by other people. Problem would be fixed if I could set the level from 3 to 2 but apparently in a past firmware Sony decided to lock it at 3. So retarded.

If you have the old headset the upgrade in my opinion is not worth spending another $50. If this is your first headset then it's a good choice. I really like how small and light it was but I found it uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Plus my friend got it as well and compared to his old Jabra that came with Warhawk him talking now is quieter.

FamilyGuy2920d ago

But I currently have a great working headset, that actually goes from 1-5 in the volume control setting. Mines the Platronics v521

ExPresident2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They liked it, so save the hits for a better site.

I like how Kotaku will get caught in lies about the PS3 and its games and then give rave reviews about oddball stuff, or in this case an accessory. I think they do it because they can try and cover up their general dislike of the PS3 and its games by saying "oh wait look we did a good review of this". Conspiracy Theorists will enjoy the fact that they do it is because as long as they are bashing the console and its games no one will be buying the accessories they review as top notch.

Then again, my entire statement could be BS :)

deadreckoning6662920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

"Then again, my entire statement could be BS :)"

Glad you caught on to that. You have to realize that your a conspiracy theorist talking about conspiracy theorists. "They said something bad about my PS3...WAAAAAH....WAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAH!"

yewles12920d ago

There you go, crying again... XD

2920d ago
04soldier2920d ago

I've still got my SOCOM Confrontation bundled headset. And its still chuggin away with no problems... I'll look into this if anything ever happens to that one....

gamingisnotacrime2920d ago

is worth the upgrade, i did and im so pleased

nevin12920d ago

I dont care about voice chat but won't any headset work on PS3?

PHOSADRA2920d ago

Yes..Most headsets will work

Mnemonic-DK2920d ago

But AFAIK only the Sony ones support the HQ audio mode?

R_aVe_N2920d ago

I just upgraded to this one a few weeks ago and I really like the design. It functions as it is suppose to. I gave my old one to a friend that just bought a PS3 so we could talk during Killzone 3 ownage.

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