1UP's LittleBigPlanet interview on user-created content, singleplayer and Sixaxis

1UP cornered Media Molecule Senior Producer Pete Wilson for the scoop on LittleBigPlanet's wacky new gaming concept.

1UP: Will there be any limitations placed on what pictures you can import as stickers, or will this become LittlePornPlanet?

Pete Wilson: This definitely will not become LittlePornPlanet. LBP is all about a community and we have features -- such as peer review and level rating -- that will make all the good stuff "bubble to the top." We also have a number of feedback systems in place -- both to help players filter whilst choosing what to play, as well as for all the usual grief reporting, moderation, and blacklisting.

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Ps3Fanboy7773818d ago

I mean its such a horrible console to them...

Looking forward to LBP, sorry didnt click for article dont care what they have to say about it..

GodofPeace3818d ago

for 08 no doubt. There is MGS4, Alan Wake, and GTA 4 but LBP is the most innovation, refreshing game that is coming out in recent times and boy its going to be big... The Youtube of Gaming and you know how big youtube is

resistance1003818d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 is looking like it could be the best game of this generation, everything shown about it just looks amazing.

greed3818d ago

agreed Metal Gear is deffintly going out with a bang i don't doubt that it will get GOTY but little big planet may be the reason it does not just because of the inovation and with KZ2 in the mix i can gaurante well in my opinion that one of thous three will get the covinent title.

d3l33t3818d ago

next years lineup is looking better by the day, ive never been more satisfied with my video games!

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The story is too old to be commented.