Why We Should Embrace the VGAs

Original Gamer: "The Spike VGAs have come and gone leaving a sea of upset gamers behind it. But when you look back, was it really THAT bad?"

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NYC_Gamer2687d ago

i wont embrace that corny show because they dont really care about the gaming culture

armycore2687d ago

Maybe not as much as you do, but saying they don't care at all is a bit silly.

NYC_Gamer2687d ago

mtv only has that show every year because gaming is now in the mainstream public eye

I_find_it_funny2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I watched it online and I was stunned how many commercials there are in US, for me it was literally unwatchable.

I've never seen so many commercials per hour, lmao

ABizzel12687d ago

I don't think the VGA's are a good representation for the video game industry. It's not what I would say high profile.

When you think of noteworthy award shows you think of the Oscars, the Grammy's, and the Emmey's. The VGA's are like the poor man's Music Video Awards, or MTV Movie awards, etc...

Even though the major award shows are generally boring, they do embody the essence of that industry.

The VGA's first need to match MTV's efforts at their award shows, before gamers will accept them. The main reason hardcore gamers watch the VGA's is for the trailers and game announcements. But since they're posted on n4g about a minute after they're aired there's no need to watch the show.

1. They need to better better performers. The opening should be orchestral music from various video games, or the recipient of soundtrack of the year award. Afterward cough up the dough. Realistically Rock and Rap pretty much dominate the majority of gamers musical taste, so book artist from those genres such as Eminem.

2. Have dedicated awards for categories such as best Action game, best Adventure game, best sports game etc..., and show the receipents getting their award. I only remember about 5 awards being won. We want to see who wins what.

3. Be fair. A lot of the times it's like one person picks the award. Open the process up, let us see the judges, and how votes are weighed. The VGA's should be the voice of the Video game community, top tier websites and journalist, and developers. Not, and occasional gamers that work for Spyke TV.

4. The games. Now we watch for the new game announcements and trailers, and while we're satisfied with a 1 - 3 minute trailer, it would be even better if we got to hear about the game form the developer, and possibly see a demonstration. This should be the bread and butter of the VGA's along with the awards.

5. Get off of Spyke, and air on something like MTV until you can go primetime.

So let's wrap things up.

For the VGA's to be supported by gamers it needs to be:

60%- Oscars/Grammy's/Emmy's for video games, with a dedicated panel of judges from all parts of the industry.

30%- E3 showing trailers, and having demonstrations of newly announced games.

10%- Concert with performances from soundtrack winners, and artist we actually want to hear.

And get people who are actually funny, and stop forcing them to try and tell video game jokes. The Majority of them don't go over well with the audience.

And get people who know about video games to talk. Nothing's worse then watching somebody get up on stage, and look like WTF am I doing here.

Once they do all of this, then the VGA's will be worth watching.

LordMarius2687d ago

The VGAs are just like the VMAs, just two hours of dumb TV with awards that have no influence in the industry

antz11042687d ago

The whole show was full of awkward comedy that wasn't funny, like watching a Michael Cera movie (before Scott Pilgrim, that movie was GREAT).

CombineElite2687d ago

The VGA's were totally STUPID and a waste of two hours. The only thing good about the show was Uncharted 3 trailer and the Homefront Commercial because these two were the only two to show actual game play.

I've watched Public Service Announcements that provided more entertainment than the VGA's.

Eiffel2687d ago

Prototype 2 showed gameplay.

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SnakeMustDie2687d ago

No, a failure of a game show should not be embraced.

Redgehammer2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

No thanks!! I will never waste my time on the nasty immature crap fest that is the Spike VGA's. I was watching to see a show about my lifetimes favorite subject, only to be innundated with terrible sexual puns, overt stupidity, and a classless protrayal of video game fans.

Father Murder X2687d ago

That show is gargage every year. Its never treated with respect. You figure that the industry has earned the right to be treated with respect.

mobijoker2687d ago

Game devs choice award is the only award i trust.Bcoz its decided by the people who make games.

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