The 7 most beautiful game babes and their human counterparts

3ds Max writes :

"A lot of them are modelled with 3ds max, so that gives me the right to show some (modelled) flesh on this otherwise highly educational blog. Let's get started …"

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TriggerHappy3516d ago

I pick the one in middle, all of them look good though.:)

TriggerHappy3515d ago

Someone disagreed with me bcause I like one of the girls over the other ? haha..only on n4g.

spammy_nooo3516d ago

the resident evil one is wrong i think. ada wong != milla jovovich.

just disagree if im wrong, though :)

barom3516d ago

i don't think milla is ada either... think milla's name in the film was alice.

ElementX3516d ago

I want beautiful game men, not babes :( I want to see some junk ;)

spammy_nooo3516d ago

you got disagrees.... maybe it never occured to them that you could be a woman. or gay but whatever.

lets add sexist to the list of adjectives that describe n4g users.

Bnet3433516d ago

Let's add spammy_nooo to the list of retards who doesn't know that the majority of gamers are straight males.

spammy_nooo3516d ago

im guessing you are one of the people who disagreed?

lets add indians to the list of people we should just go ahead and kill.... wait, that doesnt make any sense, does it? just because something/somebody is a minority doesn't mean they shouldnt be respected, dumb*ss.

ISay3516d ago

first of 41% of gamers are women and growing but the % is lower if your talking about the people on this website, and ya what the fvck, mila j is not playing ada wong thier just wearing the same color dress.

jay33516d ago

In the game Lerisure Suite Larry: Magna Cum Laude, there's a gay bar segment, and they do a parody of Summer Nights from Grease, one of the guys air humps and his "Junk" flies around 0_o

It's not my kinda thing though.

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ShiftyLookingCow3516d ago

BloodRayne and Tina real life counterparts suck bad

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The story is too old to be commented.