Warhawk Stats Down Again

Despite the game being highly rated amongst gamers and gaming journalists alike and delivering the much needed satisfaction for PS3 owners, what is sure to go down just as importantly and significantly is it's online server problems that have once again crashed. The Warhawk forums have burst alight with angry threads and, amongst other things, strong complaints as for the second time since launch, the statistical records of some Warhawk players have been wiped out - atleast from the public profile of players - for now.

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resistance1003841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

the stats being wiped out isn't actually true, all they need to do is sign out and log back in and they can see them again

Violater3841d ago

you should not believe all the BS you read on N4g.

Meus Renaissance3841d ago

I'll update the story because I've tried logging back in several times and my stats dont show at all. I'm back to Recruit.

Fisher3393840d ago

im at recruit again, just went 32 and 1 in a tank and won a bunch of ribbons on CTF,

this sucks, I hope i get all my stats back

Bits-N-Kibbles3840d ago

but I really hope they crash one more time because I got on and did horrible for 3 games of capture the flag, I probably got like 5 kills and 30 deaths, LOL, I got a lot of team points for taking bases and try for the flag though i think.... o well, I just want my customization stuff back....

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techie3841d ago

It's crashed my PS3 a couple of times...and I can't get into any ranked matches.

androctonvs3840d ago

the trick is entering the server when the time left equals the level time

like 30/30, 10/10, whatever.

ALWAYS works for me

Honcho3840d ago

I have trid logging out and back in numerous times too. Even tried restarting my internet connection and my ps3. still i'm back to recruit! This really blows.. It was working perfectly yesterday.

SmokeyMcBear3840d ago

yeah it has frozen on me once, last week, and I didnt have a lot of stats register. It has been a little bit of trouble getting into a ranked server, but I always manage to connect eventually, the worst was around 12 times trying it out. So my stats dont get register.. boohoo, now i cant use a skin, its still fun to play, and thats all that matters.

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The story is too old to be commented.