Four images of Halo 3

Master Chief prepares himself to invade Xbox 360 consoles with Halo 3 which will launch on September 26 in Europe.

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Skynetone3936d ago

looking forward for the reviews to see if the xbox has its third AAA game

TheMART3936d ago

You're pretty much out of direction:

COD2 got 90% - AAA
Gears of War got what, average 94% - AAA
Oblivion march 2006 with what, 94% or so - AAA
Bioshock with about 96% - AAA

ANd I bet I even missed one, wasn't it the original GRAW maybe?

PS3... Oblivion, a one year after remake, only AAA...

rev203936d ago

haha and the mart makes a fool of himself

4 games in two years that says it all retract edit ya statement as much as you want, but there you have it.


HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3936d ago

on your candyasss'! ~_0 If you smell what the Chief is cookin'!

Ahmadinejad3936d ago

almost there, i feel like cartman in that Wii episode. its taking so long. come on, early release!

socomnick3936d ago

Guess its time to freeze yourself.

i Shank u3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

it doesnt work :(

Ahmadinejad3936d ago

Freezing self seems to be more difficult than one thought earlier. i think i go with being high till then and maybe time will pass quicker and with less pain

Daxx3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

15 more days! ^_^

Edit: Wow those crates in forge are huge!

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The story is too old to be commented.