Double Fine trådêmarks Brütal Legend

Leaked info on Psychonauts studio's next title gets more credibility; developers tease fanbase with Web minigame.

When news reports about Double Fine Productions' next game surfaced (and then were quickly pulled) in August, studio founder Tim Schafer was quick to mount a joking campaign of misinformation.

Schafer denied reports that the game would be called Brutal Legend and star Jack Black as a dead roadie trying to reach rock 'n' roll heaven. He instead told the International House of Mojo that the company was working on Zak McCracken 2 for the PlayStation Portable, a follow-up to one of LucasArts' earlier graphic adventure games. Meanwhile, Schafer told GameSpot his next title would be a first-person shooter set in the Monkey Island universe.

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MK_Red3690d ago

Double Fine <3

Awesome news. Psychonauts is definitly one of the best games I've ever played. Can't wait for their Brütal Legend.

Spartacus3689d ago

I wonder what'll be? A Fighting game? A beat'em up? A Daycare simulator?