PSP Slim Security Defeated in Record Time - M33 PSP Custom Firmware v3.6 Released

It didn't take Team M33 long did it now? Just five days after the Official European release of the PSP Slim & Lite, M33 have released custom PSP firmware v3.6! Sony will have to try harder than that to 'protect' their system from avid homebrew fans!

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TriggerHappy3847d ago

Damn that was quick. Am picking up a slim this Friday. Great Job Team M33

N73603846d ago

Amazing these hackers a really something

Marceles3846d ago

woo hoo, just in time for crisis core :)

Chibs3846d ago

Hmm might add the slim to my collection now then :)

BloodySinner3846d ago

Same here. And I hope I pick up the white one, just so it could match up with my Nintendo DS Lite.

VillageVidiot3846d ago

With component video output and the homebrew scene all over this device, it's finally worth picking up a PSP.

radical_pi3846d ago

assuming of course they release the damn cables

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