PS3 Used As Example of Over Priced Electronics

From Kotaku:
"USA Today ran one of those no-brainer stories today about how people won't, in fact, pay anything for electronics and do have limits for how much they're willing to spend. The story was spurred by last week's announcement by Steve Jobs that he was dropping the price of the iPhone by $200."

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bIadestar3912d ago

The ps3 is overpriced?
people are getting cheaper as they come now days.
go work you cheap F(_)Cks insted of living of your parents

sanderFVCKINcohen3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

U stay working ya broke biotch, while I reap this money and still enjoy most of the games that plays on PSshitty!!!!

JsonHenry3912d ago

Yeah the PS3 is overpriced when compared the the 360 who can do almost everything the PS3 can. (blu-ray) But at the same time, I would rather spend $500 on a PS3 rather than an iPhone!

Don't talk about over priced without talking about the iPhone!

Chobits3912d ago

NovusORDO i dont see how he can be broke if he works you lack half a brain sorry some people just cant affored like "you" who doesnt have that brain to work you sit in house all day fat fawk

Kholinar3912d ago

The ipod is $400 btw. You may know that.

You may also know that a lot of people use the iphone for business and make money with it.

Like so many have said, it depends on your values. I'd spend on the iphone before the ps3, because I could use it at work and write it off as a tax deduction. We've all got our reasoning.

ChibiSelz3912d ago

NovusORDO Lol ass handed to ya nice one Chobits

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boi3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

its not overpriced!

Well for me anyways lol but maybe for some :) but yea not everyone has a good job with a good pay like some of us, anyway the ps3 will get alot cheaper as time passes so its all ok...

For me I see something new and good (tech wise)I will buy without hesitation...

nasim3912d ago

x360 ==350$

add HD DVD addon ==180$

add wifi =100$

add online = 50$ per year (250 $ for 5 years)

total price of x360 = 880$ + x360 is not powerful and doesnt support HDMI 1.3

ps3 ==all included at 500$

you save 380$ and ps3 doesnt break down like defective x360

3912d ago
sanderFVCKINcohen3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Choices babay choices.
Sony=Like.No.Choices=Dictator ship

I bet you were one of those sheeps that Fony was expecting after
the release of there PSshitty, actually thinking that they were 10ofmillions
of former PS2 owners were going to flock to them like a flock of sheeps.

I have one thing to say to Sony. Quit sucking your own balls and step your game
up. This is Microsoft not Sega. Like I said, you dont give these bastards a chance, not even a spec of it.

EDIT: RainbowCheck or whatever your name is I know PC has choices, but when it comes down to this console war betwix 360&PSshitty, Fony gives no choices to anyone. You have to admit, they used the PS3 mainly to promote there Blu-Ray.
am I right.

Tsukasah3912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

Its nowhere near overpriced... the PS3 is possibly the deal of a life time...

BluRay reader. = 400 bucks
Cell = Alot.....
RSX = alot....
PS1/2 backwards compatability = quite a bit
60GB hard drive = like what ? 40 bucks?
Flash Card Support = a bit
Alot of other crap.... alot

Buying a console that you know will last for 10 years... priceless.... ok maybe 500-600 but you get the point...

total price is like what now 700 800 bucks worth?

methnkz its a good deal

EDIT: changed burner to reader... sorry, looking at blu ray burners on newegg.... while looking at that... bah! xD

The Real Joker3912d ago

Wow the PS3 can burn Blu ray disks? Great!

*rolls eyes

kewlkat0073912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

might be cheap change, but too bad sony's mass consumer-base do not think like you do.

If that was the case, everyone would of upgraded to the PS3 knowing they can still play PS2 games, as well as, the Xbox franchise would of had only a few hundred gamers, buy into the console.(since MS came out of nowhere, while most gamers had a PS1)

Mass consumers like prices that they are comfortable with. The PS3's price, for what it's worth, like you stated, has not sit well with many gamers, as well as me, even though I can afford it. I look at some kids still playing their PS2 on standard tvs, knowing they can't even afford an HDTV, which goes hand in hand with a Next-Gen console.(sorry Nintendo)

I still think it won't be a while till PS3's fly off the shelves, yes a few spurts here and there, which is expected, with every console when new (Hyped) titles comes out.

In a sense, as a technology Geek ,as myself, I wouldn't call it overpriced because I know what I am getting(Damn Real Good BD Player) but for a Video Game console and looking at Sony's Mass Casuals(that does not have HDTVS or watch much movies), this Mofo is OVERPRICED.

Let alone the Quality of games have been Sub-Par because of the architecture/learning curve.(SURE give us Time Sony say or Wait, but why Wait when you have cheaper alternative with killa titles, that sometimes look and play better?)

Doesn't matter if one has the means to afford it, or if one worked really hard to get it, because that just doesn't reflect the MASSES.

Solbadguy3912d ago

PS3 doesnt need to drop the price, it just needs more content and features to support it like Home, movie and music download service, and games. While these things are coming soon, it isnt out yet and people will keep complaining about the PS3 until they see what it can really do by the things that it offers.

achira3912d ago

ppl who think the ps3 is overpriced should take the money and by some brain.

TheMART3912d ago

'By some brain'???

Two strange things there. You go 'by' a brain dude. Maybe you shouldn't have bought the PS3 and invested the money in learning English.

Second 'some brain'? Actually you can't get brains in kg's I guess, but it's one brain.

Sell your PS3, it's still not too late, BetaBluRay is still alive, so you could get some money for it from someone that wants to play a BluRay movie and no games!

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