Nintendo Wii Ranked Most Energy Efficient Game System

A new study from the Electric Power Research Institute shows that there is a difference -- and sometimes a huge difference -- in the amount of energy game systems use.

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dericb112743d ago

Of course it is lol. Collecting dust is a huge energy saver. Has to be plugged in and used first :)

Don't attack me guys I just had to make that joke.

SasanovaS19872743d ago

sadly, your right. majority of the gamers are focused on the next gen. sorry wii fanboys, but your the minority, so deal with it. (ofcourse, im excluding the broad audionce of gamers that are soccer moms and kids) i bought the wii, played mario, zelda, and brawl, thats it. dont even argue anything else, cus everything other then those are hardly decent at best

zootang2743d ago

But the most harmful to the environment

ChickeyCantor2743d ago

"are hardly decent at best"

In your opinion.

Arup022743d ago

Wii fanboys? This exist?

KruLLit2743d ago

Maybe you should buy some more games for the wii and then maybe you will see the wii is superior to the competition. The only _good_ game on the PS3 for example is MGS4, the rest just plain sucks.

kramun2743d ago

So when I was playing the highest rated game of the year on my wii, and other people were playing games of lesser quality on other consoles, I was saving the planet more!

That's awesome!

tigertron2743d ago

@ KruLLit

You were joking...right?

trippyaaron2743d ago

lol your still using energy, just less of it ;)

KruLLit2743d ago

@ tigertron

no I was dead serious, maybe you should consider what I said. Some people just like good game mechanics instead of graphics.

badz1492742d ago

are you saying all games with great graphic don't have great gameplay mechanic as well? that's like the dumbest comment ever!

tigertron2742d ago

@ KruLLit

So what you're saying is that the PS3 only has games which focus on graphics and have crap gameplay? bar MGS4?

Maybe you should do some research. Have you heard of games like:

Uncharted 2
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Heavy Rain
Siren Blood Curse
Ratchet and Clank: TOD
Ratchet and Clank: QFB
Ratchet and Clank: ACIT

Clearly not, because if you had you wouldn't have said that. The list above is only a small example of what the PS3 has to offer. I haven't even touched on what else is coming out on the PS3, or its multiplat games.

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SuperStrokey11232743d ago

lol i laughed, thats pretty funny.

TheNocturnus2743d ago

Bahh! You beat me to the joke! Props to you though.

Agent_00_Revan2743d ago

so true. lol. dont even touch it anymore.

TheNocturnus2743d ago

I sold mine to my mom. I originally bought it for my wife and she never used it. I have a 360 so you know I never used the wii. My mom wanted it for wii fit to help lose some weight. She used it once... the day I set it up for her. LOL

jjmustoe2743d ago

Ranked Most Energy Efficient
1st wii
2nd ps3
3rd xbox 360

Apotheosize2743d ago

Makes sense the other platforms are running on more demanding hardware

frjoethesecond2743d ago

The wii has a terrible energy to fun ratio.

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