Clive Barker's Jericho: IGN Hands-on

For those who haven't been keeping up, you play as the Jericho squad, a team of seven super soldiers sent into a bizarre time paradox where evil beings have been trapped for countless centuries - and, frankly, aren't too happy with the whole arrangement. You're tasked with finding out what's going on, destroying anything that moves and averting the impending apocalypse. Just another simple day at the office, then.

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picker3324118d ago

This is not my style of a game,Bt the cut-scenes look's cool...
But that's about it.

Blink4118d ago

This game is going to be one that you play in the dark and scare yourself to death:0

ElementX4117d ago

Yay, first comment? Noob

JsonHenry4117d ago

For some reason I just don't think this game will do very well.

ThisIsWaiting4117d ago

...brings the ultra-violence !

marionz4117d ago

add the steelbook addition of this to my collection and il be a happy boy, it will look verry nice next to my bioshock steelbook!
infact why dont they release the standard halo 3 in one of those cases? i gotta say the big chunky halo 3 tin with the two openings is really ugly, and i dont want to pay extra for a halo 3 special eddition so the book would be cool!
i wish i didnt buy the gears of war collectors either cos it doesnt fit in my dvd rack! anyway jerico looks sweet!
1st day perchase without a doubt

mirroredderorrim4117d ago

This game looks freaking clean. I saw gameplay footage on youtube. The game gets intense with action and the story is pretty intriguing!

Bullseye4117d ago

The devs appear to have mismatched a squad based mechanic with a fast paced fps type game. This game should have been single or co-op FPS not squad based, which is more suited to tactical type shooters like GRAW.Shame,but the mechanic just doesn't suit the genre to my way of thinking.

mirroredderorrim4115d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Well it is a bit more interactive than your average FPS. It's not just a shoot and kill bonanza. It looks like there is some actual skill needed in boss fights, which looks fun.

Maybe I am too excited to play it, but just don't downplay it till you try it out.