Beyond Halo: Novels, movies & games to put you in Halo 3 mood

When you have a series as popular as Halo, the name alone is worth ridiculous amounts of money. Slap that distinctive logo on a product and suddenly you have a tie-in. While some might feel that Microsoft is going crazy with the Halo 3 tie-ins, most Halo licensing remains in pretty good taste. Inexplicably orange Mountain Dew aside, the bulk of the products bearing the Halo name actually relate to the game or world in some way

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I Think the Only way i could be more excited for Halo 3 was if Master Chief himself came to my front door and handed me a Halo 3 Edition 360, with Halo 3 accessories

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Novels were actually pretty good. Better than the game story line anyway. Lots of religious undertones and mythology that I wish Bungie had crammed into the game. That was one of my disappointments with Halo 2. Not enough analyzable material in the story.