Limited Edition Tron Xbox 360 Controller

Realm of Gaming states, "It is a limited edition orange TRON controller, being released just in time for the opening of Tron: Legacy. Only 250 of these have been created."

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cyguration2892d ago

These controllers ALWAYS look awesome but usually break after a month or two of hardcore gaming.

Someone needs to review this thing and see if it holds up.

PDP_Candace2892d ago

IGN Reviewed the blue version of this controller which is exactly the same besides the color scheme. It received a 8.5 out of 10.

gamingdroid2892d ago

Yeah, I always question the quality of third party controllers.

The only one I remember from third party being high quality is the Logitech Wireless Controller for the original Xbox and also available on the PS2. That one was almost better than the first party controller!

That is exceedingly rare though.

Arup022892d ago

That's a beautiful controller!

clintos592892d ago

The controller looks sick. Too bad the game sucks. Prolly buy the controller just for the looks.

crillinFLIP3372892d ago

These controllers look great, but I wish the PS3 one looked as good as the other two... =/

R_aVe_N2892d ago

Would be better if it was a cordless controller if you ask me.

MicroSony4Life2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

You can thank MS for that - Not sure why but no one can make a cordless 360 controller with out giving them a cut.