Battlefield: Bad Company new video (and video roundup)

Taken at the EA showcase, and it shows vehicles, boms, special guns and a big bad canon for shooting down choppers...

In use! This guy tries to take down a chopper, which takes heavy hits by him firing hundreds of bullets through the metal. The material is shot not really up close, but it shows pretty much that this game is shaping up really well. Much if not everything can be destroyed, which is real next gen stuff.

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Mr PS34061d ago

Great News post it been about an hour and no comments wonder if its anything to do with the fact that its you who posted it anyway check out the picture

TheMART4061d ago

And soonish you'll be on one bubble and no one will even notice you anymore...

You're doing just fine dude. Problems erase themselves after a while. Nice isn't it?

masterg4060d ago

You mean just like when you were on one bubble mart?

That picture made me laugh. Any joke on theMart is funny in my book.

perseus4061d ago

FPSs are boring now. Pretty much every game now repeats what we could do in BF1942.

Bad Company should change all that.

Double-Edged4061d ago

forget Warhawk.
This game will rule

i Shank u4061d ago

love how no one is safe in houses, behind walls, etc with the level of destruction allowed by the engine, awesome new element to the game that should work really well........ ahhhh this game is taking so long!

sak5004061d ago

Gr8 game hope gets released soon.

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