Virtual Air Guitar explains why Kung-Fu Live didn't make Kinect

GamerZines writes: "Kung-Fu LIVE developer Virtual Air Guitar Company has told GamerZines that they originally intended to bring their motion-based beat-em-up to Kinect."

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Mystogan2688d ago

Thats it? thats their excuse? "We couldn't get access to kinect early enough"? sounds to me like they were impatient. i'm glad not all developers are like that.
The game is lame anyways.

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TheOldOne2687d ago

"The game is lame anyways."

And yet it is better than all Kinect games combined.

Hands Up For Games2687d ago

You are having a bloody giraffe?

Two Trolls dont make a gamer you know.

8thnightvolley2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

handz up for games...

dude u spoke the wisest troll quote i have heard..

"two trolls dont make a gamer" bubbles sir...

whateva2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

& I have to tell you this is the most fun I have had with Kinect since I bought it.

tracking at 60fps,more precise & no lag! must see

jneul2687d ago

People should watch the vide the guy has a kinect box in his hands while fighting and kung fu live still works!!

rlm412687d ago

I agree from what I've seen, the game is pretty lame and something that would wear off pretty quick - Looks like a rental.

DlocDaBudSmoka2687d ago

please enlighten me as to how one would go about renting a downlaodable title?

SWORDF1SH2687d ago

Mystogan get a life.

Anyway I bet this will come to kinect and will work much better with kinect. I have it for ps3 and getting the right lighting conditions is a pain in the arse. Kinect will eliminate these lighting problems.

Its a fun game when you do achieve the right lighting conditions, not a "lame game"

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Bigpappy2688d ago

It wouldn't sell very well in it's current form. Even the weakest fighting game on Kinect has you face the fighter on screen. It would be to odd, even for the kid I think.

Ju2687d ago

Which one would that be again? Kinect fight or what?

hot1112687d ago

Why are people even talking about this game?It looks like shit
"Virtual Air Guitar Company" lol

Masterchef20072687d ago

They didnt get kinect early enough? Well that would be Microsofts fault

typikal822687d ago

Game is pretty fun actually, I like it. Not a lot of games that use the PS Eye this effectively.

The lighting requirements are a pain in the ass though, but when it works it's great.

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