Heavenly Sword gets a 9/10 from Totalplaystation

Heavenly Sword gets a good score from another reviewer.

This is what they had to say :-

For the first time outside of a 40 RPG, I was sold as much by the characters as I was by the combat in Heavenly Sword -- perhaps more. It is a stunning achievement in capturing performance, and a solid jumping-off point for the franchise.
Framerate issues and some weird visual glitches keep the game from being a perfect stunner, but when it works, it works, absolutely blowing away most next-gen efforts graphically.

9.5 Sound:
Absolutely fantastic vocal and mo-cap performances, a perfect score and some great sound effects all combine an aural experience that few games can touch.

8.5 Control:
The SIXAXIS bits work (with a few exceptions during some fights where soldiers are knocked up in the air), and once you learn that the combat is as just reaction as action, things flow wonderfully.

8.0 Gameplay:
The game is juuuust long enough to sell the combat and the storyline, and it'll support a couple of experimental play-throughs, but only the hardcore will learn to really dig into reversals and the combo trees.

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Maddens Raiders4118d ago

there ya go tuff name.

LOL - you gonna go buy a PS3 and this game now?

Oh what's that? It's not your acceptable mainstream rag? Oh well, keep waiting maybe you'll find an 'acceptable' review to your 'liking' for you and your miserable cohorts to troll on about.

9.0 - sweet!

nasim4118d ago

is the GOTY of 2007

OMGG this makes any x360 game look like a wii game

progx4117d ago (Edited 4117d ago )

LOL from totalplaystation? No thanks. Before you b*tch and get all defensive like you normally do, know that I take reviews from sites like teamxbox or oxm with a grain of salt. OK? Good.

EDIT: disagree? wow.

LSDARBY4118d ago

For a game as short as this (6hrs+) to be getting such high review scores has got to be excellent. Seriously though it must be amazing.

lonestarmt4118d ago

well i bet its longer than stranglehold still.....

Baba19064117d ago

it is amazing. it really is. just play the demo and u will see. i have never played a demo as many times as i did hs. its just 5 min long but omg awsome.

lonestarmt4118d ago

Another good review!!! Gosh this is going to be a storyline experience a true showcase of the ps3 graphic capabilities.

Don't just buy the game base on this review though, it is a totalPLAYSTATION review so they might have pushed a few things, but hey, they are just saying what the others are saying just with a higher score ( one it deserves in my opinion)

ShiftyLookingCow4118d ago

they gave Lair a 3. I think HS is much better choice than Stranglehold

PimpHandHappy4118d ago

and i get to star in my own KungFu movie. This movie is called HS

m91058264118d ago

How many 8.75+ reviews does it take to convince a 360 fan that there are awesome games worth checking out on another system? The world may never know.

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The story is too old to be commented.