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GameSpot: Less than half of PS3 time spent gaming - Study

"With the addition of online-enabled functions like video streaming, Web browsing, and social networking, game consoles are increasingly becoming all-purpose entertainment hubs. The results of a Nielsen study released this week provide evidence of that, as the media-monitoring firm determined that some consumers actually spend more time with a console's extended functions than they do playing its games." (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

scar20  +   1717d ago
When i'm not playing i'm usually watching movies i tend to buy movies alot not from the psn store gonna go watch Despicable Me in a few min.

Edit:@Digital Raptor your right how could i forget free web browsing.
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DMason  +   1716d ago
To be honest, I use my PS3 more for media than any of my other consoles. Netflix, TVersity, VUDU, and Bluray make up most of my PS3 experience, except for the PS3 exclusives of course. The multiplats are played on my 360 only because I find the online connectivity with friends a lot more streamlined and more of my buddies play on 360.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1716d ago
Yeah I would say I use my PS3 for watching movies and tv shows through Netflix quite a bit. I am watching Dexter at the moment :) My PS3 is used for media more often than gaming because my girlfriend doesn't game but she uses it for movies. I need a second PS3 for gaming it seems
HolyOrangeCows  +   1716d ago
"conducted on a general US population sample of unspecified size"
"general US population sample"
"sample of unspecified size"

I don't buy that. The group they researched must have coincidentally been majorly like this, but I don't at all think that the average Ps3 owner uses it more for things other than gaming, than gaming.

This is the same group that said that the 360's failure rate was down to 4% because they tested a new model that was less than half a year old.
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kneon  +   1716d ago
Clearly the majority of people surveyed don't use their gaming consoles much, Xbox 4.9hrs/week and PS3 4.1. And the Wii is under an inch of dust at 1.4 hours/week.

This is not representative of gamers I know. My main PS3 is on at least 6 hours every day.
M4ndat0ry_1nstall  +   1716d ago
"This is the same group that said that the 360's failure rate was down to 4%"

Wasn't the 33% failure rate of the 360 estimated by a US company or companies, using data collected from the US population? Why have I never seen you question those statistics but yet you question those I quoted above? Do they not fit in with your agenda?

Are you cereal brah?

Edit: on topic

It's no surprise that (according to the results of this Nielsen study) 40% of time spent on the PS3 is movie related and the other 11% (I assume) is spent web browsing, installing updates/mandatory installs.

The PS3 was basically marketed like this after all <see attachment>

Related image(s)
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SuperM  +   1716d ago
I dont find that hard to believe at all. Im using PS3 media server alot to stream movies and TV shows, besides i watch bluray movies on it. If you factor in that my gametime is split between PC and PS3 then i do infact use my PS3 alot more for watching movies and series then i do gaming on it. And that has nothing to do with how much i enjoy playing games on my PS3, no need to get defensive over an article like this.
Achemki  +   1716d ago
4.9 and 4.1 hours a WEEK playing games on the 360 and PS3?!

What the...I do that in one day off!
TK421  +   1716d ago
I believe it. I don't have time to game like I used to. I only buy AAA exclusives now anyway. But I do watch a lot of movies and listen to a lot of music on it.
DigitalRaptor  +   1717d ago
*Waits for fanboy spin*

But really I find myself on the web browser, watching movies or browsing the PSN store when I'm not gaming. The PS3 is a multimedia device, so why not use all of its benefits!
guigsy  +   1717d ago
This isn't a bad thing, if anything it shows how diverse the PS3 is in delivering entertainment.

I feel the same way about the 360, I spend about as much time watching Sky Player as I do playing games.
Zir0  +   1717d ago
It needs better online to get people playing more, PS3 may have a lot of games but they are all single player and last 8 hours max and are never touched again.

Sony needs to start making some additive multiplayer exclusives like Halo or Gears. Not just 8 hour rents.

The thing is you are in the minority, most of those games are dead online. COD seems to be where all the PS3 online shooter fans goes, same with the 360. But there is still a quite large amount who still play Halo and Gear as well.
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scar20  +   1717d ago
Ummm ps3 has M.A.G,Killzone,Resistance,to me these games have addicting multiplayer and none were 8 hour rentals.
Terror_B  +   1716d ago
"Ummm ps3 has M.A.G,Killzone,Resistance,to me these games have addicting multiplayer and none were 8 hour rentals."

If these games are as addictive as you make them out to be, more people would be playing them onine. Instead, the playlists are like ghost towns.

A COD game has not been knocked off the most played list on PSN since COD4. What does that say to you? It says more people that own a PS3 prefer a COD game to any of its exclusive games and that is a fact. This will also never change. PS3 exclusives just dont have the gameplay to compete with COD and this makes the PS3 sooo butthurt its funny.
jwk94  +   1716d ago
"more people prefer COD game to Halo game on 360." See what i did there? Those games are addicting, and so is uncharted and none of those are ghost towns.
Terror_B  +   1716d ago
""more people prefer COD game to Halo game on 360." See what i did there?"

LOL, played right into my hands little man. Both Halo AND Gears have been top of the most played lists on the 360. Halo has even recently been at the top when Reach was released. See what i did there ROFL!?!?!?!

No game has even come close to competing with COD on the played lists on PS3 whereas both gears and Halo have beaten COD. Ha ha ha ha.
TruthBTold  +   1716d ago
@Terror_B - so Alan Wake and Mass Effect are two great games that are wasting their time on the 360. Its sad how great games don't get the attention they deserve because they are more sp than mp. You make it sound as if you are not playing on line you are not playing a good game at all. I prefer single player games because I love good stories. I wish I could have played Allan Wake but I am happy I will soon be able to experience ME2. It seems all you like are shooters and that's fine but because others prefer different genres it doesn't make yours better or worse. Your list of games must be very short though if you only follow games by being shooters with millions playing online. Hopefully you will always find a game or two that sells millions so you can play online and be certain you can find others to play with. The strange thing is you won't ever play with all of those millions playing it so you can't even tell the difference with having a few hundred or a few million online so sorry but that case your trying to make is pointless.
DigitalRaptor  +   1717d ago
@ Zir0
In 2011, you've got:

- Killzone 3 (longer single player than KZ2, co-op splitscreen, enhanced multiplayer. You won't see Halo or CoD numbers online for a Killzone game because it's not as popular, but I think KZ3 will be more polished and have much more to offer and keep players coming back.

- MotorStorm Apocalypse (Singleplayer x3, Arcade modes, 4 player splitscreen, and up to 16 player online races, intensive post-launch support, new tracks, vehicles, customization and sharing.

- Resistance 3 (Great single player with co-op splitscreen, and polished multiplayer).

- Uncharted 3 (pretty much the same as the rest I have mentioned... longer SP, more polished MP with more modes and more to offer).

- Twisted Metal (I think this has a single-player mode, but the online is where this game shines: 4 player splitscreen and online modes).

There are plenty of games coming in 2011 that offer tons of replayability and different gameplay modes. I couldn't care less if the mass market finds Call of Duty more addictive. What matters to me, is that all these games appeal to me more than Halo or CoD ever could.
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Baka-akaB  +   1716d ago

Then i guess i havent been playing some of the games mentioned and stuff like pes , super street fighter 4 and blazblue on an almost daily basis with ease then ?

Some of you guys are such drama queen ... One or a few games draining most attention online never meant so far on any consoles , that the other games (as long as obviously they aint stuff no one cares about) dont get a good enough population .

It's not as if you play more between a 1 million and 100 000 online players . You just obviously have more choices
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Achemki  +   1716d ago
Most games are 8 VS 8 anyways, maybe 16 VS 16 max. Throw in auto matchmaking and you have full lobbies regardless. One million people online together means nothing except more lag on P2P servers. Wow, joy.
yess  +   1716d ago
Playing Warhawk at the moment.
4 Years old, still going strong..
AceofStaves  +   1716d ago
Not everyone enjoys online multiplayer. I can't be bothered with it. I'd rather Sony concentrated on providing great single-player games with some online content for those who want it, rather than focus on online multplayer.
Morpheuzpr  +   1716d ago
It's simple on XBL you pay to play online so you will play online or else you'll feel like you're wasting your money. On PSN you play online whenever you feel like it. That and there's no question that live feels more alive than PSN so people with both systems will be drawn to play online more on XBL, not that PSN is bad but its more like a separate thing where as for XBL is an integral part of the 360.
homer  +   1715d ago
I do not think you have a ps3. Prove me wrong, add me on psn. My psn is power_hungryfool what is yours? Also, do not pull out some bs by saying you do not have an online account because you obviously have internet and they are free.
Also add me on psn. I think you probably have never played a ps3 before, seeing all the lies you just told.(ghost towns?)
Balt  +   1717d ago
Is that a bad thing? Is it a bad thing that Sony has a system so capable and so flexable? Is it a bad thing that the average consumer wants to do more than just "GAME"?

This is why the media needs a muzzle. They plant seeds that hurt the industry.

I mean, how about this headline -- "More than 13 hours a day are spent away from your home"

It's stupid. It makes no sense. So, now, because I spend more than 13 hours away from my home does that mean I don't like being there? Or does it mean I like being there but have other things going on? Things like this are just counter productive.
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ZombieAssassin  +   1716d ago
When i'm not gaming i'm watching movies or tv shows on my ps3 so i guess you could say I spend more time using it as a video player than gaming but i game on it usually around 2-4 hours a day. My xbox is mainly used to stream movies from my PC but thats because it's in the living room and I don't have cable so my bro usually just watches movies/tv on it and I game on it a couple times a week.
BlackBusterCritic  +   1716d ago
That's because we get more out of our console. My PS3 is on for days at a time just doing Folding@Home.
TroyAndAbed  +   1716d ago
Bless you.
dead_eye  +   1716d ago
that deserves a bubble. don't do enough folding@home
Gamer112  +   1716d ago
Last i knew you was a wii fanboy or was that shoiko?
BlackBusterCritic  +   1716d ago
@Dead_Eye, Its one of my favorite features. =P And not many would know, but its improved quite a bit from what it once was. When I use it, I play music, check news feeds from around the world, and they've got two channels that update with images of scenery from around the world & cultural information. I just hope that one day, they add movie support. =P

@Gamer112, I wouldn't call him a fanboy, but yes, he does support the Wii. Me, I'm a fanboy of whatever I have that works to my satisfaction. =) If it doesn't give me a reason to ditch it, I shall use it religiously.
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TroyAndAbed  +   1716d ago
I want to see total hours played and attach-rate of games.

Ratios are irrelevant.
madao  +   1716d ago
"...population sample of unspecified size..."

I stopped reading there.
dragonyght  +   1716d ago
that mean you miss the part where it says "aged 13"
madao  +   1716d ago
You fail at statistics.
Apotheosize  +   1716d ago
When the PS3 came out it was 599$, standalone bluray players were introduced at 1000$. The obvious choice was a PS3. Nowadays you can buy them for cheap, less than 100$ and PS3 use solely for Bluray has gone down. Compare the Wiis Net Gaming of 69% to the PS3s 49%. Why is that? Because it cant play either DVD or Bluray(besides homebrew), it does not have that functionality so you make due. Whereas the PS3s functionality is more robust, and therefore spread out across all sectors.
C0MPUT3R  +   1716d ago
So ?
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eliasg  +   1716d ago
wait for next year
Gamer112  +   1716d ago
Ps3 aint a gaming console just a blu ray player with a controller.
Sizzon  +   1716d ago
Maybe for you, talk to yourself.
JacobIsHollywood  +   1716d ago
Lol. This guy is obviously trolling for fun.
Mmmkay  +   1716d ago
another stupid cunt to ignore.
AceofStaves  +   1716d ago
So my library of PS3 games doesn't exist? lmao

Why can't you fans of other consoles/platforms just accept and acknowledge that the PS3 provides some of us with great gaming entertainment and media experiences? I don't own a 360, but I have no problem with its popularity. The point of the entertainment industry is to entertain.
Gamer112  +   1716d ago
Yea you tell him what has xbox got dvd9 lol nuff said ps3 4eva!!!
nycredude  +   1716d ago
I can't believe you got a disagree for that comment. This place (N4g) is a cesspool.

This title is flamebait and isn't even true. Check out the original source. They took one number from online gameplaying and twisted into this title. xbox was only just over 50% an the Wii was seriously lagging.

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FAGOL  +   1716d ago
Vidzone or iPlayer is usually on for me when i'm not gaming.
redsquad  +   1716d ago
Well 'DUH', isn't that a major strength of the PS3? I put my console on in the evening, watch a Blu-Ray, check out the internet, visit Home, play some games and it's ALL ON THE SAME MACHINE!
Gamer112  +   1716d ago
You say that like its a good thing.
NateCole  +   1716d ago
I forgot that having options and extra features is a bad thing to x360 fans.
redsquad  +   1716d ago
Yes, I DID say that as if it's a good thing - Sorry that you're so blinded by 'troll rage' that it went over your head.

Actually, I'm not 'sorry' at all, I'm amused.
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Gamer112  +   1716d ago
Yea your right that guy dont know about the ps3 he can eat a rrod!!!
Masterchef2007  +   1716d ago
Well as in multiplayer i would say that PSN is the best system. Cause anyone can create a free PSN account and play online. On the 360 only gold members can play online while on the PS3 everyone can. Cept for those who dont have broadband connections which goes for both of them
ShinnokDrako  +   1716d ago
Finally, a nice, good, great article!! Finally i can sleep without nightmares and my blood pressure will normalize!!


What's today? The day of the idiotic useless articles? I think everyone can do whatever he/she wants with his/her console. Over all if the console offers a lot of possibilities... And really, what's this?!?

"The survey--conducted on a general US population sample of unspecified size--determined that PlayStation 3 gamers aged 13 spent an average of 49 percent of their time with the system playing games. The largest share of nongaming time was accounted for by watching movies on DVD or Blu-ray (27 percent), with downloaded and streaming movie watching accounting for another 13 percent."

Only US? Sample of unspecified size--determined population? Come on, if at least it was a bit more serious... as far as i know they could have asked to 5 ppl and about 3 of them didn't answer so they put a random answer... Sadness, again
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Sizzon  +   1716d ago
When I'm not gaming on the PS3 I'm: going on Vidzone (a really good music video application here in Europe), Home, Watching Blu-Ray's or using the Web-browser.
N311V  +   1716d ago
Is my opinion of gamespot wrong? I'm quite surprised they published such flamebait PS3 bashing (certaintly in the title, content of the article is biased but not as bad).

Here is the original article by Neilson Company if anyone is interested, paints a rather different picture;

nefertis  +   1716d ago
ps3 is a beast of a console.
AceofStaves  +   1716d ago
It certainly provides great value for money in terms of provide an excellent, all-around, gaming and media experience.
Zoomer76  +   1716d ago
My PS3 is mainly used as a blu ray player. The only exclusive games that interest me are Uncharted and GT5, apart from them I mainly game on my 360.
nycredude  +   1716d ago
This article is BS. Read the whole truth here. Unfortunately there are no exclusive games on the 360 I have an interest in, so I traded mine in but hey everyone has a preference.

PS3n360  +   1716d ago
People will try and spin this into a negative. "It only does Everything" I will be honest It took some time for me to like my PS3 but after a while it grew on me. It really does so much that it has become the primary entertainment device. I use it more for its extended functions than games....so what. Thats what it was built for "Everything". My ps3 is powered on for about 8 hours a day, my 6 y/o navigates through and watches netflix, my wife uses the picture viewer to review her photography, I play a game or two now and then. For the amount of use this thing gets it was the best value for buck of any piece of electronics I own. Sony is an entertainment company and they have rolled everything they stand for into one sleek bomb proof box. I am not a fanboy I love both my consoles but ps3 shines in the multimedia department and that is a very good thing.
AssassinHD  +   1716d ago
I don't really care about what other people do with their PS3s. I spend my time gaming on it. So what if other people don't? I have never understood why people care about what the masses do.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1716d ago
I use mine for streaming movies and what not when im not gaming. My wife uses it for that as well. This doesnt surprise me at all.

Isnt this what consoles are going for this gen anyways? TO be hubs for the whole of entertainment ?
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lightningsax  +   1716d ago
Yeah, this isn't a bad thing, nor would it be a bad thing if the same were said about the X360. It's a sign that these consoles are offering more than just games, which is great. I don't think I've left a console on more than my PS3, because I'll be playing games at one point, watching the now-embedded Netflix at another point, using a bunch of stuff from an easily-connected external hard drive, and then going back to playing some games.

Well, okay. I haven't left a console on more than my PS3 *on average.* PS2 was the exception - Persona 4 pretty much owned my life for a good 2 weeks.
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Raoh  +   1716d ago
what's funny is the article takes a stab at the ps3 for gaming time when it should have stabbed at the ps3 and the 360 as the wii has the higher percentage of video on demand and streaming. how's that for a non hd console.

i use mine for both. got home at about 7pm, gaming by 8pm until about 11pm, then i was streaming local movies from a network drive and then fell asleep watching netflix.

makes sense to me that people would be watching movies on their ps3 if you ask me.
KotC  +   1716d ago
Thats because all the PS3 owners are here at N4G most of the time.

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