Treyarch: PS3 Patch 1.04 - Info (hotfix)

"Hey PS3 community –

We are aware that many online players have been experiencing connectivity issues since Tuesday’s patch. We have been working hard to track down the cause and fix them as quickly as we can. We’ve already updated the game with one “hot fix” since Tuesday’s release that has improved many of those connectivity problems, and we’ve got more coming, so stay tuned."

NOTE: There have been rumors suggesting that deleting your save data will improve network connectivity. Please do not delete your save data, as it will not have an effect on network connectivity. A hot fix was released at 9:30p PST last night, coinciding with the first instance of this rumor, and this hot fix is the reason many users have experienced improved connectivity.

Treyarch Developer: JD_2020

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chriski3332652d ago

Yea good to hear same old bullshit hey sorry for another problem were working on it what a load of shit!

Bull5hifT2652d ago

Soo theres where the 500 million Micro$oft spent on Kenikt went.... Sarcasm

belal2653d ago

atleast trey are working on this, if this was IW, this would been worse, no patch or nothing.

davidj882652d ago

I agree belal however we all said this before patch 1.04 and look where it got us. True that it's nice to see treyarch taking an intrest and trying to adress the issuses but lets face it if the next patch turns out like this one then it'll feel like another huge kick in the balls to ps3 users. We all pay the same price yet we get an inferior/neglected product which is then made unplayable by a 'fix' , it's like going to a resturant and having your meal served on half a plate.

Highlife2652d ago

I just want to get in a hour a day without a hard freeze and without connection problems. I have already called activition to complain and they did tell me to try and delete my save file. Told me to get a new psn id to see if that helps said play it on a different playstation. Patch after patch I am having the same problems. I have decided that I will give them one more patch if it doesn't help I will demand my money back.

Dave13512652d ago

If it was IW it wouldnt have near as many problems cause they actually know how to make a game.

Blaster_Master2653d ago

Agredded belal. They wouldn't have even acknowledged us, but instead would have just made the issue worse and fix the 360 version, and leave us ps3 users out in the cold. Thank you Treyarch. We understand that you just do what your told, and Microsoft are the ones that pay to sabotage the ps3 version of the game. At least you guys are trying to help us as much as you can undermining the guidelines of Microsost's iron fist.

sway__z2653d ago

Yeah, yeah and the checks in the mail ...big boo boo treyarch, shame on you all!

princejb1342652d ago

well i did experience good connectivity last night in a few games at around 3am est
i still want them to switch the rc car to at least 5 kills, them cars are so annoying

Dark-Cloud42652d ago

i don't care about the rc car , when i get it i don't kill alot , it only kill 1 , but when i use the radar i kill more then 6 , so it's stupid using it ...

Pillage052652d ago

I've noticed less and less people using the rc car lately, though it can get ridiculous with the people who use hardline and rc car. I stopped using it just cause it can take you out of the game for so long.
spy plane is usually more helpful for whole team. Either one though there is a perk that counters them so the effectiveness of either will depend on who you're playing.

AllroundGamer2652d ago

the rc car is good for clearing claymores :)

princejb1342652d ago

try playing search and destroy
only to get killed in the beginning of a match with a rc car

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The story is too old to be commented.