Dragon Age II Combat Video Preview

See the new Dragon Age2 play as an action RPG or Pause N Play

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Theoneneo812502d ago

Is this game play the same way as the first one?

Myst2502d ago

Oh this is awesome! So it's pretty much still the same as DA:O I thought it would be more ME style. Though glad to see my thoughts were wrong. Pre-ordering this soon and going to make a few runs through DA:O

Neckbear2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Keep in mind, this is only for the PC version.

The console version will only feature the Action-RPG kind of gameplay. This is kind of fitting, however, as DA:O for consoles didn't had an isometric view anyways.

...Moreover, what I'm truly worried about is how they took Origins away and basically gave you Shepard 2.0. Not only that, but rumours about how you won't be able to give your party members sets of equipments, have control over their stats and skills, and alot of other things you'd expect in an RPG, to be taken away aren't really helping.

Ah well, justified, perhaps. I'll probably pick this up a few months later after it releases, but, if there's zero priorities before then, and I have cash on my hands, I'll end up buying it.



Perhaps we'll be able to pause, just like with DA:O, however, it won't feature the isometric view and overly complex strategy mechanics.

...Just like with DA:O.

soundslike2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

"The console version will only feature the Action-RPG kind of gameplay."

source please?

edit:thanks. Kind of disappointing, although still vague. It isn't terribly hard to have a modifier button that allows you to zoom in and out like in Fallout 3.

Myst2502d ago

Hmm is that latter part more so rumor or has it been published now? Though it would be a downer if it was taken out I could probably still live with it and play through.

Also if the PS3 players more so like Action-RPG that's fine as well. Whether it plays like NWN or Demon's Souls [or what not] I'm fine with it lol.

NegativeCreepWA2502d ago

Make sure to reserve it before Jan 11 so you get a free upgrade to the special edition that gives some extra content.

Myst2502d ago

Oh sweet thanks for that, I guess I'll be pre-ordering next week then.

Bebedora2502d ago

I'd do the action possibly with the easy encounters in the game. Controlling 4 characters in RT you need to be a person with autism!

soundslike2502d ago

surely you mean savant....

Croaker2502d ago

Hey, thanks for the link! My PC will not download the 720p video of this from BioWare's site.

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