Blizzard Confirms 'Titan' is Studio's Next-Gen MMO

While Diablo 3 is the next game Blizzard fans can look forward to, in terms of a massively multiplayer follow-up to the ubiquitous World of Warcraft, Blizzard has now confirmed that the rumored Titan is what's on the table. "Titan is... the media is not meant to know anything about that. It's our next gen MMO and we've only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we want to leverage the fact that we're working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting – getting some of the best talent in the industry on that," Frank Pearce, Senior VP and executive producer for World of Warcraft explained.

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Sinner101GR2502d ago

Time for another MMO to engulf the lives of gamers everywhere. Wonder how the graphics are going to look

donniebaseball2502d ago

Well, we all know they'll be a step up from WoW... I'm guessing the game will look very pretty

Chris3992502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Not my pick, but I can see how it will sell a shit-tonne - especially if they put it out in the console space (next gen Xbox).


It makes sense from a financial perspective, they'll get millions in sales just off the franchise name alone and break into a new market.

Sinner101GR2502d ago

It can't be in the Halo universe...they don't have the rights to it....

Chris3992502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

MS can collaborate with them. You do see how friendly Activision and MS are these days don't you?

I'm not a Halo fan myself, but there's information to suggest that this is the case.

It's not uncommon for developers to make a game that they don't own the IP for. Castlevania LOS ring a bell? That's just one of many off the top of my head.

Edit (from the link I posted):

"Monk added that since Ensemble's closure, some of the scattered staff have gone to Blizzard, including Greg Street. "We had all this incredible talent, we had the right people, the right passion, we had a phenomenally successful IP - the Halo IP,” described Monk."

Some of the staff have gone to Blizzard. Activision and MS are close. BOTH IPs are called Titan. It's just a supposition, but I'm not pulling it out of my ass. I'm not even the first person to suggest it.

SuperM2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

There is NO WAY whatsoever that this new game is in the Halo Universe. First of all Blizzard has been working on this game for a long time already, long before Ensemble Studios got shut down. Second of all blizzard has several successfull IPs themselves. Why on earth would they want to start making Halo games? Its a ridiculous statement to say the least.

Besides Blizzard has already confirmed that the MMO is based on a new IP. If they were to use an established franchise they'd use Starcraft or Diablo. If you think Blizzard will ever make a halo game then you dont know Blizzard very well.

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Kurisu2502d ago

I wonder if this will hit consoles as well as PC?

Thecraft19892502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I think it will depend heavily on how popular DC universe becomes on consoles and Final Fantasy 14. Console make money blizzard love money if they can make a profit you can bet it make its way to consoles.

STONEY42502d ago

Blizzard doesn't even need the money. They'd probably spend more money and time (and we know how slowly Blizzard works enough already) on console development than they would make back. Thought RTS was a niche genre on consoles? MMOs will be even worse.

Christopher2502d ago

Graphics will be better than WoW, but won't require more than a standard desktop PC at the time that it is released to play. One of the _huge_ factors behind the success of WoW is the ability to be played by practically anyone with a PC or laptop.

rrw2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

AKA: World of starcraft

negroguy2502d ago

Nice, DCUO will hold me over for now and ill keep an eye on this.

SuperStrokey11232502d ago

Agreed, DCUO is very good so far for a beta.

hudsoniscool2502d ago

at first i also thought it was the previously cancelled halo mmo called titan. that would be so cool but i dont think it is. im sure microsoft would allow blizzard to make a halo mmo but i dont think blizzard would want to.

Saryk2502d ago

It will be a new IP more than likely. I don’t think that they will go into a realm that they have already created. But that is my opinion, which doesn’t mean much.

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