Killzone 3: Exclusive Video Shows Epic Bossfight

Check out this video of Killzone 3 showing some awesome fighting against a huge Boss Fight. And by huge, we mean HUGE!

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Mr Tretton2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

nv go KZ3!

GrieverSoul2712d ago

I cant believe my eyes...

Its like a boss from God of War came to killzone...
Thats some impressive stuff!

2712d ago
jeseth2712d ago

Holy Poop.

This game is going to be sick!

visualb2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


best part:

the boss isn't defeated yet...xD

shhh**** gna ignore future video's not to spoil any more, but this was worth it.

acting is better, narrative is better, more cutscenes, more characters, more emotion and causation,

better graphics, more destruction (the buildings he used for cover were all destructible) more set-pieces, more dynamic enemies (drop ships are an enemy too now), more weapons, bigger levels...

safe to say KZ3 is a BIG improvement over KZ2 =O

PshycoNinja2712d ago

Love the anger in Sevs voice at the end of the video. I love how he looks directly into the camera and shows how pissed off he is. This games story looks and sounds miles better than any killzone game before it.

I'm calling it now. Best FPS story of next year. Possibly of this gen. We just gotta see how the last level pans out ;).

SuperbVillain2712d ago

Wow,talk about spoiler alert! looks like KZ added a female character,I'd smash!

SSKILLZ2712d ago

yeah don't, they showed some awesome helghast. omg pre ordering the collector edition ASAP

Pixel_Enemy2712d ago

That is why I was so hyped for Killzone 2, they had a ton of interviews and footage online that I watched to get my fix. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it and blow shit up! KZ3 has gone way under the radar by only showing the same demo of the same map from E3 for months. I am glad that there is new FOOTAGE!!! COLOR ME HYPED!!

SuperbVillain2712d ago

hahaha,Yeah It's fucking amazingly epic thank god im still half asleep so I didn't pay the utmost attention to everything.The next time I see this boss battle will be when I play this shit in Feb with the collectors edition helmet right next to me!

coldfoot2712d ago

I just bought a 3DTV so I wouldn't miss out on GT5 now, then KZ3, Motorstorm, and of course Unchart3d. I don't really care about 3D movies that much...but games are a killer app for 3D.

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The story is too old to be commented.