Killzone 3: The single player will be epic! Here's the video proof plus huge Boss fight!

Have you been disappointed by the singleplayer of Killzone 2? Then this video will show you how stunning the experience in Killlzone 3 will be. Plus: huge bossfight!

Note: Click "HD" for full video glory.

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Cloudberry2649d ago

I haven't watched it yet but...

Is this video contain spoilers?

Fishy Fingers2649d ago

Minor I guess. Shows Sev and the team bringing down that giant mech.

I wouldnt really call it much of a spoiler and it's pretty amazing to to watch. That 10 minutes was better than anything in KZ2 (my opinion).

DoomeDx2649d ago

Thanks. Will watch it then :)

Nitrowolf22649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

My god, that part when sev is fighting those troops and the ship comes in

From this small 10min snip, the story looks far better, love the ending

HappyGaming2649d ago

Female ISA troopers?


But you just can't reject a nice helghast milf.

Masterchef20072649d ago

plus what the guy says at the end gives away a bit of the plot

RageAgainstTheMShine2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

Fantastic game I say!

Not a big fan of FPS but this one makes me wanna play.

I am glad G Games chose visual artistry over ultra realism in presentation for such a big budget production & set this game apart from the rest of the others.

Smart move!

The production design is on par with Halo Reach IMHO.

Killzone 3
Uncharted 3
Resistance 3

The PS3 Power Trio of 2011!

Jordan+Pippen+Rodman or Wade/James/Bosh :-)

Comet2649d ago

This epic preview had my jaw dropped the whole time! The same expression I had when I saw Uncharted 2 at E3... just so f***ing AMAZING!

I think Killzone 3 will most definitely be the best shooter of 2011! No doubts..

visualb2648d ago

what I see is them showing us the "only-KZ2 like level" (all grey and stuff) as well as "a very unlike-KZ2 like level" (the snow)

and now we'll be satisfied with the contrast, and wait until the game releases to be blown away

looks great though =)

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SnakeMustDie2649d ago

The campaign looks better than kz2. I hope the graphics are polished because the graphics on the beta is very dirty.

Mr Tretton2649d ago

He's not wrong. The beta looked both good and bad. Pretty sure it'll be good in the end though. Went back to KZ2 recently and that game still holds up.

SnakeMustDie2649d ago

I'm pretty sure the full game will look better than the beta. There are some parts of the beta looks horrible compared to full game of KZ2.

Orange2649d ago

I liked the KZ2 campaign. Not sure why everyone bags on it. Hate seems to focus around barrels and warehouses, but the things that stand out in my mind are sets like the plaza outside of the palace, and the fight with commander ratec.

Mr Tretton2649d ago

Yeah KZ2 got better and better as it progressed.

visualb2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

the train, and desert reactor and the ISA cruiser stick out to me

there environments were distinct, just not enough for the ADD youth

maybe this new one will be more variable =)

ngecenk2649d ago

its not dirty, it just dont have any antialias applied and lots of things going on on the screen and it sometimes become very messy. kz2 has a better aa than that so i guess they'll put it there and it will be pretty like the second one.

SnakeMustDie2649d ago

KZ2 had more blur that gives the game a more cleaner look. KZ3 has lesser blur compared to KZ2 so it gives a sharper image although it somehow looks dirty. As you said I agree, the AA also factors in this so I also expect the AA to be better compared to the beta. I was hoping for GG to somehow make the textures more sharper compared to KZ2 while retaining the same level of blur.

Masterchef20072649d ago

ok just to inform people Killzone uses the same AA system that god of war 3 uses and thats MLAA. MLAA is great for the GPU cause since its a post processing effect the CPU can do the MLAA for the GPU. You should see the before and after comparisons of God of War 3 when they switched to MLAA. The only edges that MLAA has problems with are edges that are one pixel thick

trounbyfire2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

see the cut scenes look and sound much better. it had way more emotion i love it.

look at the way the helghast reacts to being shot in the hip area. thats amazing

EPIC harpoon through the EYE EPIC FUCKING EPIC!!!

Flashwave_UK2649d ago

dam fck this s*it Uc3 Kz3 R3 dam wtf this is overkill no?

Sizzon2649d ago

OMG Killzone 3 news flooding in, my biggest hope would be one to hit N4G with proof: 2 player online Co-Op campaign confirmed by Guerilla.

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