Killzone 3: 6 Minutes Of Stunning Splitscreen Footage in HD

A new Killzone 3 video shows stunning splitscreen footage of Killzone 3. Watch it in HD!

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Dylantalon12498d ago

Ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

sinncross2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

OMw that looks incredible.. I love the lighting in the beginning, and that machine in the distance: cool!

but the dialogue/ voice acting could use some work.

Split-screen is going to be so awesome!
I wonder if they'll be able to do 4 player competetive split-screen. hat would sweeten the deal :)

Washington-Capitals2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I was just about to comment on the cheesy voice acting, also is it just me or does the guy on the right just suck ass.

Besides the point this looks epic, lets hope they include splitscreen online aswell!

Dragun6192498d ago

Little Big Planet 2, Resistance 3, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and now Killzone 3 are looking to satisfy my Local Co-op needs for next year. So Awesome that all four will have Co-op Split Screen for Campaign mode. Here's hoping for Twisted Metal to support Split Screen Online too.


i have never seen split-screen with soo much going on at the same time,that giant tech rockets and debris flying everywhere,stable framerate,graphics still top notch ALL IN this is the true power of the cell

any site the mentions a framedrop here or there in splitscreen in their review considering how much is going on screen whilst maintaining those graphics are serious fanboys and will be shown for what they are.

DORMIN2498d ago

Damn thats pretty impressive! Especially since its basically rendering the engine twice

JBaby3432498d ago

This looks freaking amazing. All on a CPU that isn't good for gaming, a pathetically weak GPU that should have never been invented or gone into production, terrible RAM setup, and an unnecessary disc format. GG are truly geniuses.

Seriously though, this game cannot come soon enough. GG have truly outdone themselves.

HolyOrangeCows2498d ago

The cheesy voice acting is pretty unfortunate.

saint_john_paul_ii2498d ago

"This looks freaking amazing. All on a CPU that isn't good for gaming, a pathetically weak GPU that should have never been invented or gone into production, terrible RAM setup, and an unnecessary disc format. GG are truly geniuses."

Stop doing cocaine, it leads to dementia.

BattleAxe2498d ago

I f***'n hate vertical split screen. Why the F*** don't they have horizontal split screen? I'm not a big fan of Black Ops, but thats one thing that they did do right.

ChineseDemocracy2498d ago

Voice acting in KZ2 was horrendous I actually cringed at the "mom" jokes, thought it was way over the top. This is still pretty bad, but it's bearable.

zeeshan2498d ago

OMG!! I am speechless!! Voice acting aside, everything is just... I don't know! It is amazing!

ThanatosDMC2498d ago

Here's to hoping it'll be online co-op as well. I hate split screen co-op since i dont like sharing my own stuff.

AusWarrior2498d ago

Holy shit that gameplay looks amazing!

JBaby3432496d ago

With regards to my previous comment, apparently no one picks up on sarcasm unless you explicitly say you're being sarcastic.

Notice the "seriously though" that started the next paragraph.

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Flashwave_UK2498d ago

hahah yeah 2012 is a big lie its really the ps3 thats going to destroy the world not climate change

doG_beLIEfs2498d ago

How will sites that love to bash PS3 exclusives make excuses for low scores for this game in a few months?

How about....there is too much going on
the sound has too many effects
there is a muddy texture in one corner of one building on level blank

seriously....THIS IS WHY comparing multi platform titles that look or play slightly better on the 360 DO NOT MATTER.

Only high end PC's can rival what I have just seen.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2498d ago

remember the kz2 reviews and how some reviewers spent two paragraphs on how the electric effect, in the revive gun was so low rez? good stuff.

awesomeperson2498d ago

@ Set

Wasn't that IGN, either them or someother review site bitched about the revive gun >.<

darkknight09962498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

here is what the reviews going to focus on:
1. KZ3 gameplay it's not like COD or HALO (which I like but I also like the gameplay of KZ)
2. Uncharted3 not inventive enough
3. R3 they just don't like it.

DigitalAnalog2498d ago

Cause you know, that's why the graphics are SOOOOO good.

**Looks at video.


PS3 can't do split-screen in fear of poor graphics - Debunked
PS3 has no games - Debunked (as of 2009)
PS3 can't beat 360 in graphics - Debunked (as of 2007)

-End of Line

visualb2498d ago

I think the argument that PS3 games cant do good looking open world games will be debunked when Infamous 2 hits as well =)

I hate that argument, its so stupid =|

heres hoping uncharted 3 has some sort of split screen co-op (no need for campaign, just normal co.op type missions)

JBaby3432498d ago

Don't forget the old "PS3 can't do AA". Also debunked.

jneul2498d ago

^^lol infact it does better AA thae infamous MLAA is so good, xbox can only do 4xAA and thats with reducing resoluting, nice MLAA all in HD graphics shows ps3 power off

Christopher2498d ago

Just watched it and gotta say, if that's split-screen co-op... that's some really good graphics for that. Normally you'd see them pull back on graphics to make room for the extra processing needed for two players at once, but the graphics look top notch in that video.

The lighting, fire, and smoke effects are really, really, really (did I mention really?) good.

Spitfire_Riggz2498d ago

Hopefully since they can do it with split screen, wouldnt it make sense to do it online? I mean 2 ps3's can handle it right?

SaberEdge2498d ago

Indeed. Those look amazing.

AKA2498d ago

amazing, it remind me of GOW3 rock Textures wich are amazing to.

Ravenous_Syn2498d ago

Online co-op would've been a big +, but I guess split-screen is the best we're gonna get.....

showtimefolks2498d ago

KZ3 can't improve and that's it not the best fps on ps3. lol

egidem2498d ago

I just finished replaying Killzone 2 (for the Untouchable trophy where you have to finish the game without dying) and boy was it fun...I look forward to this amazing sequel!

xAlmostPro2498d ago

i hope they fully split the screen in the full game and dont have the black bars to the top of the right and bottom of the left videos.. those split screens are annoying

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theonlylolking2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

The graphics still look good! I guess they are right about 3d helping the game.

Pixel_Enemy2498d ago

I am glad that GG are listening to their fans. There were so many things that the community wanted in KZ2 as DLC and even though they never happened, they were listening and implemented them in KZ3!

PS3Freak2498d ago

Both this and Resistance 3 are going to have splitscreen! I hope this is the start of a trend.

theonlylolking2498d ago

@PS3freak I hope so too. Maybe now devs are starting to see that people dont just want mutliplayer we want split screen and single player too.

Wizziokid2498d ago

damn this game is going to rock

NAGNEWS2498d ago

no this is not inSane, the inSANE trilogy will come out 2018

Nicaragua2498d ago


*the sound of tumbleweed blowing across a desert.

PS3Freak2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Means your joke sucked.

Edit @below: I don't think anyone thought you meant that....

NAGNEWS2498d ago

AHHAHA and my joke doesnt mean i hate killzone, noobs.

peowpeow2498d ago

Hear that tumbleweed still? Yeah I do too

Axecution2498d ago

LOL. Worst joke of 2010. xD

writersblock2498d ago

The tumbleweed just called in, he refuses to tumble with that joke anymore

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AKA2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

i don't think it will have online co op, i hope it does.

maybe they are still working on it and we will get the announcement soon if they can get it right.

but don't set the hope to high because you will be let down.
anyways offline co op is much fun, having you friend or gf next to you is much fun.