Playstation 3 Teardown

Follow up to yesterday's Xbox 360 Elite tear-down, here is the PS3 tear-down video.

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toughNAME4118d ago

no game in the disc tray...figures


Mario184118d ago

if it would be the 360 it would be, "melted game in the 360 disk tray"

PimpHandHappy4118d ago (Edited 4118d ago )

i like these tear downs.

This is not being a fan boy but the 360 tear down was more informative. I wanted to know the date on that elite that they used. I want to know when they replace that chip that they say will stop the RROD issue. If they did a tear down early next year on the newest elites it would really help me decide on getting the 360.

It still has the old chip!


i like seeing systems getting tore down! The PS3 looked like a space craft when they first started.


Meus Renaissance4118d ago

A very tidy and well built machine.

MaximusPrime4118d ago

yep agreed. Im also glad Sony delayed the launch of PS3 to spend more time on fixing PS3.

Now PS3 is doing well. 0.01% failure rate.

MK_Red4118d ago

Can't wait for Wii teardown when they find a tiny PS2 inside plus sensors engine. j/k

AllroundGamer4118d ago

Wii teardown - they will probably go like "wth?!? there is a gamecube inside!!!" :)

PimpHandHappy4118d ago

i have had my system on for hours and if there is a problem im sure i will find out.

And i dont mean 4-5 hours! I have left it on for 18-20 a few times this past couple weeks. My DSL is a bit slow and downlaoding demos and videos really take some time.

gta_cb4117d ago

i have had a couple times over the summer holiday when i have had my Xbox 360 running games like gears/Crackdown/Forza 2 for more then 24 hours straight lol (not just me playing but as it stayed on, it still counts) i can no longer do this with college back on, but it was fun while it lasted lol

b777conehead4117d ago

my ps3 stays on most of the time.very cool very quite .runs very well

gta_cb4116d ago

you dont know me, you dont know how long i have stayed on my Xbox 360 for, and you dont know what games i have or how long it has stayed on for at any time. so who ever disagreed with me you are obviously a fanboy.
i HAVE had my Xbox 360 running for over 24 hours straight a few times FACT i also have my first console, and its still working perfectly FACT. deal with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.