Apple sells one millionth iPhone

Apple seems to be a week ahead of their sales expectations with them selling over a million iPhones already.

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MK_Red4113d ago

Great start for such an expensive machine. I've haven't gotten my hands on it yet but it looks darn sexy.

codeazrael4113d ago

People thought I was crazy, but when my friend let me use his blackberry until I got my new phone, I felt as if I was transported back to the dark ages. Then I was excited and mad when I heard about the price drop, but AT &T gladly refunded the difference to me. The only thing that is going to slow sales of the iPhone may be the ipod touch. People are obsessed with the features of the iPhone with the phone service being the least. And with the "touch" having everything but the phone, it's going to take away alot of sales from at&t but I guarantee with the already popularity of the ipods, and with the popularity of the iphone, the ipod touches are going to sell so many units that everybody else may as well take a break from selling in that market.

codeazrael4113d ago

The new zune better have every feature of the new ipod as well as one sexy design. Apple already put into people's head that touchscreen is the future and everything else is ancient, so Microsoft's new zune has to be touchscreen as well as have, they have to have something else that the ipods dont have. Because in a market like this one where you are the underdog, you have to have something that will make people stop thinking of an ipod and start thinking of a zune. Now with some major players pulling out of itunes, maybe Microsoft can secure them. But just like the Halo series as well as Xbox Live, if Microsoft didnt have those with the original Xbox, it would have been hella hard to get to the position they are now. The zune may need to incorporate Windows Mobile where as well as wifi zune marketplace.

Kholinar4113d ago

Do you really think they have any chance? Seriously asking here...

In my mind, the ipod owned style, footprint, ease of use, market-share and mind-share. The only things they didn't own were non-essential features.

Now it's hardly even conceivable that ms could do anything. Some of the other mp3 player companies maybe, but ms?

codeazrael4112d ago

People criticized Microsoft the same way when they decided to release a game console after two playstation launches before it. But who's in the lead now? No matter what market you start in, you are going to start in a low position, but in time if you have a good product as well as good looking, you can eventually be number one.

Kholinar4112d ago

"But who's in the lead now?"


Even if MS is in the lead, it's mostly because of their headstart. I don't think MS really understands consumer goods in general.

Marketing software is their strength. They've never proven anything else.

PS360WII4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Well it's a pretty cool phone. I finally picked one up after the price drop. I still think they are going after the wrong market because this is no business phone. Blackberry has nothing to worry about right now. Maybe iPhone II or whatever but this one is great for what it does which is messing around ^^

Not sure what Zune needs to do but I think MS just needs to give in and make the Zune the xbox handheld. Now that would be pretty cool

"Monday's announcement sent Apple shares up $2.94, or 2.2 percent to $134.71." - actually according to my iPhone stocks are up 4.67% ^.-

Kholinar4113d ago

No, it's not a business phone. That's why apple hasn't gone after that market.

That's not to say that most business users need more than that iphone provides. Which is why it's doing alright in business.

XxZxX4113d ago

$399 is a very good point. Some cellphone shop offer $250 if you signed a 2 year contract with Cingular throught them. New activation, I already have Cingular, so I not only have to buy it full price but i also have to upgrade my current plan from $40-$60. The SIM-free crack software cost $99 per unit. I can tell the shop to go f*** themselves. I will stay on my current phone.

damnwrx4113d ago

Yep, I like the iPhone but, I'm not going to have a new contract of $59.99, See I love my $39.99 plan 900 min. + rollover and i'm not going to give that sh!t up.

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