Maxell backs Blu-ray for camcorder market

The Blu-ray market got a further boost this week when data storage firm Maxell announced that it will begin shipping 8cm Blu-ray BD-R write-once and BD-RE rewritable discs for the high-definition camcorder market.

Maxell's discs are compatible with the latest Blu-ray camcorders, providing a recording capacity of 7.5GB and allowing the disc to store one hour of full high-definition picture quality at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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sticky doja4113d ago

And they word doesn't show up one time in the article, so why are you putting it in the title?

Cartesian3D4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

its a very good news for BR camp.. may be HD-DVD wont win.. but for sure BR never lose.. SONY,DELL,Apple,ASUS,Pioneer, samsung,LG,... and now Maxell .. ( I said all supporters.. not just exclusives..)

cooke154113d ago

vs.. HP, Microsoft, Verbatim, The Peoples Republic of China, NEC, Sanyo, RCA, Kenwood, Intel, Hitatchi, Maxell, LG, Lite-on, Samsung, Alpine, Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks, MTV, Dimension Films, First Look Studios, Warner Brothers, Focus Features, Rogue Pictures, Warner Music Group, HBO, New Line Cinema, Koch, Magnolia Pictures, Discovery Channel, Studio Canal, Digital Playground INC

Ju4113d ago

@1.2 ...and my brother, BTW.

MK_Red4113d ago

Maxell... I loved their Floppy Disks. Reminds me of the great days of 1Mb PC games. Com Keen, Doom, Prince and others.

sticky doja4113d ago

Can't remember them all that much but I know I beat a few of them.

Cartesian3D4113d ago

I think it was 8 floppy disks..

cooke154113d ago

THIS IS MASSIVE NEWS!! OMG CAMCORDER DISCS! whoa. HDDVD is truly dead now.. it doesnt matter that China wont allow Blu Ray into the country.. the big push this week is Maxell making mini bd discs :|

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