Amiga Ready to Re-Take PC Gaming Market

Amiga, the pioneer in computer gaming, announced today that it is partnering with Vulcan Software and eGames to bring 15 Classic Amiga titles to market, including Final Odyssey, JetPilot, and TV Sports Boxing among others.

Amiga has been a recognized player in the computer gaming industry since the 1980s and has recently re-introduced their Classic Games for use with Windows PC hardware. By utilizing their relationship with UK game developer Vulcan, casual games developer eGames, and other publishers and developers, Amiga plans to expand their Classic offerings to include several hundred titles available by the end of this year.

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iHeretic3961d ago

Looks like they are going to do the same as Commondore.

The Wood3961d ago

was my personal golden era of gaming

duarteq3961d ago

Mine too. games like Agony, Shadow of the Beast, Mega-lo-Mania. Those were good old times. We knew about gaming. and had nothing to do with graphics, it was only pure fun.

It figures way today's reviews are so comercial and market share...

FreeMonk3961d ago

Same here too. I still have my old Amiga 1024 with 100's of games, and it still works.

Games like Shadow of the Beast, Flashback, Mutant Football, Speedball, Xenon 2, First Samurai, Second Samurai, Lemmings, Lotus Challenge, Jaguar XJ220, Monkey Island (where you had 15 discs and had to keep changing them!!), Leisure Suit Larry, Chaos Engine, Alien Breed, Full Contact plus loads loads more!

They were the days of Psygnosis, Team 17, Titus etc..small teams that have somehow lost there way or disappeared!

What did happen to Psygnosis??

3961d ago
InMyOpinion3961d ago

Me too! Super Cars, The Chaos Engine, Escape from Colditz (ace!) etc.

If they had some brains they would bring their games to XBL instead!

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Geewhizz3961d ago

the voices in mega-lo-mania were so funny! but yea, great era of gaming, populous, supremacy, kick off etc. from what I remember though, Shadow of the beast was all about graphics!

AllroundGamer3961d ago

i owned Amiga 500, 600 and CD32 so Amiga rulez definitely :) most played game - Steel Empire.

testerg353961d ago

I had an Amiga and an Atari ST/TT... talk about fanboy wars... use to love the demos that would show off the capabilities of those machines.

caffman3960d ago

it makes the 360/Wii/Ps3 flamewars look tame as in those days it was mainly face to face!

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