Influential Gaming Characters of 2010

2010 was an excellent year for gaming, and with all the new amazing games, we were also introduced to some spectacularly memorable characters.

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Leupac2892d ago

Interesting choices, I’m a fan of John Marston and Mass Effect 2 so I guess that means Miranda as well.

MelonieMac2892d ago

Yes, John Marston is such an amazing character. Heck, he could make an "all time" list, let alone the 2010 one. :p

zelldincht4762892d ago

psshhh kat is no master cheif thats for sure :-P

VersusEM2892d ago

wheres Lightning, she was cool

MelonieMac2892d ago

I really wanted to list her, but didn't want my article to be too long, so I narrowed it down a lot. She is definitely worth mentioning, though! :D

IuseC42892d ago

Marston for me hands down! Rockstar did an amazing job with that.

MelonieMac2892d ago

I completely agree with that! He's one of the greatest characters of all time, really.

OllieBoy2892d ago

I don't get whats so great about Marston.

Guy can't even swim.

Acquiescence2892d ago

he was always weighed down with a lot of weaponry.

Relientk772892d ago

"Guy can't even swim."

LOL nice

Nitrowolf22892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I didn't like him at first until
after he dies and you begin playing as the son. To me even though they were blood related and almost looked identical, it was that feeling that you as a player lost an important personality a part of your life. idk it was more of the impact that got me. Here we have a character that goes through many things and all of a sudden he is dead. It's like for me i wanted him to be in a sequel.

*********END SPOILER****************

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The story is too old to be commented.