Go! Gaming Giant: Kung-Fu Live Review

From the review:

"When a game starts up with a disclaimer stating that the developers are not liable for your possible death, you know some serious stuff is going to happen. The very moment I read that, I was pumped up for whatever adventure awaited me, not necessarily because I welcome sweet, sweet death but because I envisioned a game that would get me up off my butt and moving around far more than a man of my size should be moving. And Kung-Fu Live, a motion fighting game utilizing the PlayStation Eye, did just that, all while making me glad that I played while my wife was at work so she couldn’t see the ridiculousness (and mastery) of my kung-fu 'skills'. There also may or may not have been certain decorative knickknacks that someone may or may not have ever-so-innocently destroyed."

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omicron0092714d ago

that image reminds me of the first Mortal Combat.

Game-ur2714d ago

The best "you are the controller" game, and for just 15$. No need to spend hundreds of dollars.

Kurisu2714d ago

When I get paid I think I'll buy this game to relieve some stress from playing Dead Nation. I could have KILLED earlier! xD

2714d ago
FunAndGun2714d ago

It's an awesome party game.

I dare you to try the game and not crack a smile.

RaymondM2714d ago

this game looks pretty sick, reminds of crazy 90's fighting games like primal rage or clay fighter