Saints Row 2 revealed in EGM November

Xboxkings just received an e-mail that Saints Row 2 will be revealed in EGM November.

The first details will be given in an exclusive article about this free-roaming game. EGM will be available at your bookstore at the beginning of October.

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mighty_douche4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

oh thats gonna make some people angry....

more of the usual "360 vs ps3 comparison" crap coming soon....

[email protected] Marbles - i take it your an xbox fan then.... your probably right tho as i seem to pick up all the xbox 'exclusives' on pc!

Mr Marbles4112d ago

Everyone expected this to be multiplatform. Plus, I have noticed that 360 fans don't care nearly as much as PS3 fans when their games go multi platform.

iceice1234112d ago

Giving your money to M$, it is win win for them either way ^_^. And games like this and lost planet should have been multiplatform anyway. Oh you guys can have Crackdown 2 *shudders*.

THAMMER14112d ago

LOL You just keep trying. Look...misery does Love Company, but please stop trying so hard to flame.

Saint Row was a decent game. I suggest that when it comes out on PS3 you give it a try. I got some of the most impossible achievements for that game and has some real fun on XBL. So I hope in return you get to do the same with SR2 for you PS3.

There is no foundation for your haten SUCKA!!!

This game going multi plat is actually old news. It is not like losing Assassins Creed, Ace Combat, DMC4, or an other PS3 game that has gone multi plat.

Do your self a favor, just go buy a 360. You do seem to pay a lot of attention to the 360 news. Seeing that you had the 1st post and all.

mighty_douche4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

how am i trying to start a flame war?
i was actually suggestting that this will start flame wars by doing the usual comparison thing, try learning to read before you jump on me purely because i wrote something in a halo thread you didnt like!
right, 1st to post, yeah it was in the NEWS section(and ps3 section as thats what the thread is actually on about) and I OWN A 360... and just cos i own one doesnt mean i have to be a fan boy for it and dimiss anything slightly negative like yourself.
stop being a biased child, just because someone promotes another console for a minute doesnt make them your enemy, where all gamers..... some just a little more imature, not naming names....

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bumnut4112d ago

the first one was nothing special, and i hope they improve the graphics, framerate and control system.

and please include motorbikes this time

resistance1004112d ago

This game was always multi plat.

Heck the orginal one was getting ported over to Ps3, however canned it when it wouldn't have been ready til GTAVI release (at the time) so it would get overlooked.

Still bet they wish they didn't can it now

BloodySinner4112d ago

Good thing the PS3 didn't get it, because the game was garbage. It tried TOO hard to be a "GTA:SA" rather than it's own unique title. Now that the developers have seen GTAIV, they're probably going to try extra hard to clone it.

Premonition4112d ago

This game was announced multi plat like way back in the summer after they said they wouldnt be bringing the first saints row to PS3, and that the team was working on the 2nd saints row for both xbox360 and PS3. I liked the first one, played the heck out of it, at the time though online was kinda crummy, but hopefully this time online is better.

jay34112d ago

The original Saints Row was supposed to be for PS3 also, but they had some Dev problems and stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.